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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Questioning The Ideal of Beauty? Penguins! Cross Dressing Men and Sushi!

The last day I wrote was…Friday. Not much has happened since then. It’s good to be back at work again.

Work: I bagged marinated beef, called Beef Bulougi, which is Korean style BBQ. It looked like brains. But, I was allowed try some. It tasted good.

Work: I learnt nothing important. I made rice for sushi. The cool thing about closing shifts is: If there is left over sushi you get to take it home. Sushi isn’t all that bad, but when I used to think sushi, I immediately thought of raw fish. I also work with really cool people. So far I really like working with Steph, who is from Japan and Sophie, who is Amy’s friend. The managers Joe and Jayne are cool too. I want to make friends with Steph, because she is really cool. I think we have a lot of things in common, even though were from different countries. I think I shall recruit her to the A.E.S.M. Of course I will ask Chris. Sophie can join too, if she wants.

When I got home from work I watched the tale end of Grease. I wasn’t really worried about missing the first bit because Louie owns the movie. I am not a big fan of musicals. It just feels so unnatural when they start singing in the middle of a conversation or at some really odd time. Anyways I ended up watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is a musical but, very clever. It was really weird; I wanted to keep watching it to see what would happen next. Some parts were hilarious so were darn right shocking. For instance men dressed in woman’s clothing, strange dancing, and high sexual references.

I was told not to come into work because they closed the shop today. But when I woke up at 10 a.m. I felt slightly panicked. Because I thought I had to be at work by 11 a.m.

I watched some TV, a nature show penguins and Miss America. Penguins I can understand, but Miss America. What the? What relevance does Miss America have to Australians? I could see a Miss Australia pageant. It doesn’t even have relevance in Canada and it’s the U.S.’s next door neighbour. Canada used to have a Miss Canada pageant but, ratings pulled it off the air in 1992. This is just proof of the ignorance of American Television and the stupid network that put it on the air.

Also why can’t they have an ugly average looking Miss America for once? It’s always these gorgeous 6 foot bombshells. Half of them look like angelic Barbie Dolls. I get it, they’re naturally beautiful, but this show just enforces the stereotypical beauty. Is beauty the eye of the beholder? I shall discuss my thoughts on this in script format, a discussion between a Barbie Doll and me.

­­­Barbie: I am beautiful
Me: Yes so
Barbie: I was born this way
Me: I was born this way too.
Barbie: Awwwhhh come on your beautiful too.
Me: I didn’t say I was ugly.
Barbie: You’re jealous
Me: Of what?
Barbie: Of me.
Me: No I am not. I have personality.
Barbie: So do I
Me: Yeah of a door knob.
Barbie: Frowns…you’re jealous only ugly people say that.
Me: No, I am merely point out there are differences between a beautiful girl and an average girl like me.
Barbie: Sure you are you jealous fiend.
Me: Wow that was such a good comeback. Rolls eyes.
Barbie: I am ugly
Me: I know… stop rubbing it in my face. Wait did you just say you were ugly?
Barbie: I’m fat.
Me: No you’re not. I’ve seen fatter.
Barbie: I am smarterer than you.
Me: Right, hence the reason you cannot spell.
Barbie: Yes I am I’ll prove it too you.
Me: What are you talking about? I have to think, you don’t?
Barbie: I think
Me: About what?
Barbie: Calories, boys, my beautiful hair.
Me: I think about Wild Will, my family, Canada, Australia, Penguins.
Barbie: Whose Wild Will?
Me: My imaginary rottweiler. He hates blonds you know.
Barbie: You’re dumb… just because doesn’t mean I am stupid.
Me: I never said you were stupid. Stereotypically speaking, you don’t need to use your brain because logic dictates that every thing is given to beautiful people.
Barbie: You’re a jealous loser who watches Star Trek and complains about beautiful people.
Hint: the reference made about Spock
Me: Yeah so what! You don’t seem to like ugly people do you
Gets mad at Barbie and throws it across the room. You’re next Skipper mwhahaahahahahahahah! Or perhaps its one of Barbies friends?

Did I make a point with this? No I did not. Do I hate blondes? Yes! I mean no.. actually Yes… no wait I have friends who have blonde hair. I used to play with Barbie dolls and they had blonde hair. I feel bad for blondes. And who said that Barbie was blonde she could have been the brunette Barbie. Ten bucks says you assumed she was blonde. Did I give off fact that I am slightly jealous? I think I might be to an extent, but I do see things that prove me wrong. I know people who are more jealous than me, but I am not saying anything on the basis I might incriminate myself.

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Amy said...

Hey Melissa!!!

I had a brunette barbie, but i think her name was Theresa. I still loved her to bits. I also had a black barbie who was my favourite until she got into a fight with one of the blonde barbies...and the blonde barbie cut off her nose. Actually, i still loved black barbie even without a nose. I do not know why they would show a Miss America, but hey they showed AMerican Idol so go figure! It's great that your enjoying work..and yes, recruit Steph! We need more Japanese in the AESM. But don't worry about recruiting Sophie cause she's already a member..I say so! Is Chris back yet? When does Uni start? So many questions! I'll have to catch you on MSN one night!
Luv Amy