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Monday, July 03, 2006

The most annoying people on the planet only they don't know it!

Ah today was a good day… I didn’t mess up anything and I my shift went by very nicely. I am glad to be at work again. Today I learnt to make prep for the hot meals and subs.

I am also getting a new flatmate on Sunday. She is an Aussie, who has come back from teaching in Japan. The managers never listen to suggestions. Louie wants a male flatmate, as she feels that its hell with three girls. I wanted an international student like me because I can relate to them. Figures! Currently I am writing a story for Antonia. It’s a Wild Will story but I toned it down a bit. As Always I’ll post it in my story blog for you too read. If you want you can read the plot here.

For my friend Amy. More anecdotes about Joan and I.

This morning I was on my way to work. I ran into Joan on my way out. She was playing basket ball with little kids. Luckily I had an excuse not to stay and talk. It was obvious she wanted to talk to me.

I am walking out with my bike. When all off a sudden…
Joan: Hi Mel
Me: Hi Joan.
Me thinking: It’s Melissa! Gosh darn it its only three syllables.
Joan: You look all nice today.
Me: I am off to work.
Joan: Oh OK. She looks like she wants me to stay and chat it up
I keep walking rolling my bike towards the gate.
Me: Sorry Joan I can’t talk I am off to work.
Me thinking: Mwhahahahahaha! Finally work comes in handy.
Joan: Looks kind of upset OK Mel… have a good day.
Me thinking: Its Melissa….he he I really do have to work.

Later on: I am done work. Yay! I arrive home. I am stupid and wheel my bike, walking by Justin and Joan’s place. I notice the screen door is open. I try to make it past. You think I would learn to take the freaking detour.

Joan: Hi Mel
Me: Hi Joan
Joan: How was work?
Me: Good thank you.
Me thinking: I think she wants me to come in.
Me: Do you want me to come in or something?
Joan: Gets all excited… sure come on in make yourself at home.
I walk the pathway to their house. I put up my kick stand for my bike. Joan is sitting at the table on the phone and Justin is sitting on the couch, trying to figure out math.
Joan: You should see our electricity bill its really bad. Shoves bill in my face.
Me: Wow that is bad…
Me thinking: You pansy I’ve seen worse. Oh no the electric bill should be here for me as well.
Joan: Make yourself at home.
I stand there….
Justin: Hello Mel
Me thinking: It’s MELISSA!
Joan: Go on, make yourself at home. I am on the phone, but you can talk to Justin.
Still standing in the same spot.
Me thinking: I don’t want to talk to Justin or sit near him. He smells bad and he man boobs. I am mean he he.
A few moments later.
Joan: Looks at my uniform “Express yourself”… that’s very clever isn’t it.
Me: Yes yes it
Joan: I like your black shoelaces.
Me: Thank you
Me thinking: What the?
Joan: You’re looking very black.
Me: Obviously I am wearing black. …hint of sarcasm
Me thinking: See above.^
Joan: Make yourself at home.
I continue to stand…
Me: No its all good I just thought I would drop by and say hi
Joan: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Joan: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Me thinking: Idiot! Why did I come in?
Justin and Joan start to argue about a power charger…for her mobile.
Justin: Babe where is the power charger?
Joan: Up stairs in the office.
Justin: I moved it from the office I moved it from the power supply.
Joan: It’s in the office.
Justin: I moved it.
Joan: Its on the floor in the office.
Minutes later after arguing about the stupid power charger, this went on for like two minutes.
Joan: Mel you haven’t seen what we have done to your old room.
(Justin and Joan used to be my flatmates…when I first arrived in Australia.)
Me: No I haven’t…hint of sarcasm
Me thinking: I don’t care about my stupid old room. Oh Yeah Mel...Is…Sa!
Me: I have the bigger room at my house now.
(The room at Justin and Joan’s unit is the same as mine at my place.)
Joan: Oh really. You should go and look at your old one.
Me: OK
Me thinking: Urgh fine I looking at the f’ing room.
I follow Justin up the stairs.
Joan: Go on.
Me: I’m going
I stop and look at my old room. They turned it into an office. Justin walks past me. He trips over my shoes.
Justin: Owe!… he is trying not to swear.
Joan: Shouts! Mind your language Justin
Justin: I AM! He’s huddled over in pain.
Me: I am sorry.
Me thinking: Wow he rammed my foot pretty hard and I didn’t feel a thing. Maybe he is just girly man? Justine! Ha ha Justine, Justine, Justine….I do feel bad though.
Justin: says nothing
Me: Ah you turned my old room into an office.
Justin: Still says nothing… he continues to walk down the stairs.
Me: I’m sorry.
Justin: You’re right. Aussie for its OK… same as No worries! I think?
I stop where I last stood. Justin sits back on the couch working on some math problem he and Joan are having.

Me: I stubbed Justin’s toe.
Joan: It’s alright.
Joan: I’ve been on the phone for 18 minutes
Me: Oh are you calling a company.
Me thinking: They are the only ones I can think of that make you wait that long.
Joan: Yes…she looks annoyed from waiting so long.
Me: Well I better go home to eat.
Joan: That would be beneficial
Me: Yes it would
Me thinking: Obviously I am hungry
Me: See you later.
Joan: See you later
I walk away from the house… free from this awkward conversation.

Now I haven’t explained this much in this blog about my association between Joan, Justine I mean Justin and I. When I first arrived in Australia back in February, I was moved in with Justin. He seemed nice, friendly, gentlemen like. Anyways all was well enough. He was gone my first week there because he was at his parents house. The Reason: His mom had to wake him up for work. I thought that was hilarious. But he did show up every now and then, making brief appearances. The next week Joan moved in. It was supposed to be a girl from Poland name Renata. I have never met anyone like her. I thought she was wired on Caffeine. I wanted to hide in my room.

Justin comes back home the same day, he sees Joan in her bikini. He thinks she is beautiful. For two days straight they flirted and tried to pretend that I was stupid and didn’t notice. With in those two days they were dating. Joan thought it was proper and nice for her to ask me. I said I didn’t care. I really did. The rest is history. I moved out because I felt awkward. I could hear them. They also brought me in to it by asking what each other has said about the other. Justin read Joan’s diary to me. A big no no, I didn’t even want him too. He was all paranoid. Loser! She went all Betsy Homemaker. I wrote in my journal that I hated them.

They got on my nerves with other things as well, for instance calling me Mel after I had told them over and over again please call me Melissa. They didn’t want me to go. They tried laying me on guilt trips, even staging sit in at my door. Justin kept throwing a girly fit because I would listen. He would walk off in a huff saying… “What can I say to make you stay?” Joan would whine about it… “Mel, please don’t go!” Justin accused me of being up tight and if “I were on a bridge and a screw came loose I would jump.” Stupid retard… I just came to a new country. Not to mention… telling me I should drink… that I should get a social life.

After I left they wouldn’t let it go. I still don’t think they have. It pissed me off because they said if I had said no about them dating, that this would never have happened, like I had a decision in the matter, so there you have it my first two weeks in Australia. Quite eventful I would say.

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Amy said...

Hahahaha! Oh Joan, bless her soul. I actually am glad i know her cause she gives me so much entertainment. She's actually a pretty nice girl, it's just that she's so loud! I was just talking to Chris on MSN, he got back an hour ago. I still love Canberra, but i can't wait to come back to Rocky so we can have those days back. Those are the best days of my life Mel...issa.
Hahahaha, joan's so funny!
luv amy