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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eccentricity at its finest

Me: Did you know slugs have four noses.
Carol: Noooo, they’re slugs. Slugs don’t have noses. You’re stupid.

Questions of the day:

1. Where is Amy? She has mysteriously disappeared and no longer posts in her blog, but surprisingly enough she responds to my blog. Hmm…

2. Now that I completed my goal to come to Australia, what is next? I thought about going to China to teach English or staying in Australia and find a job as a journalist. I haven’t decided yet.

Today I have nothing really important to write about other than a staff meeting at work, in which Sophie (Amy’s friend) said she met Joan. When I asked what she thought of her she replied. “I almost threw up.” Ahahahahaah! Just kidding. I also decided to look up an old friend in Canada and printed off the Futurama alien alphabet.

Because of my lack of interesting things to share: I thought I would post a review of Napoleon Dynamite, my favourite movie of all time.

Napoleone Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that shows eccentricity at its finest, celebrating nerds and every other social outcast. It shows that being different is actually a good thing.

Napoleon, played by Jon Heder, is a complex high school student, who lives in the small town of Preston Idaho. His family consists of his grandmother, and his 32-year-old brother Kip, who cruises the Internet chat rooms for ladies.

Napoleon defies normality. He has strange mannerisms, saves potato taters from his lunch in his pockets to snack on later, is part of club that performs with hands and draws ligers, a combination of tigers and lions.

Although he is highly eccentric, the movie doesn’t poke fun at him for his bizarre behaviours. It highlights them.

The plot is simple. Napoleon befriends Pedro, (Efren Ramirez) who is from Mexico. Together they scheme to steal the class presidency from the snobby Summer Wheatley (Haylie Duff). Along the way they form an alliance with the soft spoken Deb (Tina Majorino), who helps their campaign by making beaded key chains and taking pictures.

When Napoleon’s bizarre Uncle Rico (Jon Gries) comes to visit, in the absence of Napoleon’s grandmother, he makes a mess of things with his with crazy antics and get-rich schemes, which consist of selling plastic containers masquerading as Tupperware, herbal breast enhancements for women and time travel.

However, in this movie the characters are far more complex. All the characters has their own eccentricities, none of the characters really change or become different in anyway. The only character that comes close to changing is Kip, due to his oddball Internet sweetheart LaFawnda.

It is their quirks that highlight the odd mini story lines and draw the viewer into the movie.

Its simple story and dry humour is what makes Napoleon Dynamite unique. It is a fresh story that stands out among the numerous sequels and flaky romantic comedies

This movie takes place in a world all of its own. A place where the insensitive conformists are the ones being made fun. Due to the movies complexities, one must watch this movie a second time to truly understand it.


Amy said...

I’m sorry I haven’t written in my blog, I’ve been moving house!!! Oh my gosh!! So you still like multimedia..i mean josh? And you like Felix as well? And you like nerdy guys? I never knew that! You’ll have to send me a photo of you and your new hair, then I can tell you if it’s likely to win Josh’s heart J Joan’s girly night sounded like fun, I wish I could have come! Don’t marry Felix, I want you to marry an Australian, although European does sound ‘awfully romantical’. I think you miss Canada a lot. I’ve decided that you writing about Carol heaps means that you are subconsciously viewing Carol as a representation of your Native Canada – therefore because you are always writing about Carol, you are missing Canada. Of course, it could also mean that your missing Carol. That’s my little bit of psychology for you! I love reading your entries, I’m going to write a new entry soon I promise, but the only internet I have access to right now is at work so my time to write is restricted! I’m writing this in my lunch break! Going to Alice Springs tomorrow, I’m excited J Are u doing anything for multicultural day? Yogi reackons him and a few other Indians are gonna be dancing, you should do that little Canadian song you taught Chris! Hahahah!
Miss you!
Luv Amy

Chris The Beatnik said...

Skinna-marinky-dinky-dink, skinna-marinky-doo...
I love *Amy in the pants*