Life and times of an astrophysist who is actually a former journalism student who is really a NERD nerdy retarded weird girl pretending to be an astrophysisist...mispelling INTENDED!

NERD nerdy retarded weird girl central...well mostly my mussings and random interludes whilst I am working towards getting a car and licence so my random adventures and time spent in Australia was worth while. It should be intersting Enjoy! While in Australia...I was sunburnt,went to Sydney and wrote my first novel. So far back in Canadia I have been couch hoping and meandering from city to city. More adventures to come. Hopefully they are as interesting as my Australia ones.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random Angry Ramblings...FINBARPURPLETON!

I am not currently entering a Finbarpurpleton mood. Now I’ve explained feeling Fidonio, but to feel Finbarpurpleton? That means I am easily angered by stupid things, except I don’t pee on NO DOGS ALLOWED signs, because not only am I not a dog, but that would be just plain weird and disgusting.

Also quite currently I am supposed to be working on my dastardly documentary about global warming I am almost finished filming. I have an interview with some all knowing expert personage at 2 p.m. and I am worried that I won’t be about to film it because
1. need a microphone so it sounds all professional like
2. .Another tape…I only have five minutes left on one of them and
3. I have no idea where I am supposed meet this all knowing expert personage…some wheres on Quay Street or Fitzroy River?

Sounds like a triple combination for disaster! DISASTER! That reminds me I haven’t done voice overs yet or even put the entire thing together. I am doomed. DOOMED! And this is making me angry and agitated. Hence miss evil eyed snappy pants Melissa has been around for the last three days and hence the intertextual reference to Finbarpurpleton. Her claws are out beware!

For randomness sakes here is the acrostic poem for Finbarpurpleton


Jo told me yesterday that I seem to have very deep and meaningful dreams, in which my imagination seems to run wild. I haven’t had one dream that I could not use in a story somewhere, the problem is I forget some of them. But I have dreamed entire chapters to superheroes…remember Chapter 45 and Chapter 46…all from the same dream!

On Monday as a form of procrastination I bugged the misogynist with another post by Cuthbert Higgensbottom. Now the poo head is going on about how there is no hate on his site when it’s full of it! Apparently woman are fascists? I think he and Nigel Bottington would get along. I have a plan for Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum. With her awesome power of femininity she will beat Mr. Bottington with a copy of the Female Eunuch at a Sunday brunch, which isn’t quite breakfast and isn’t quite lunch, but has a nice piece of cantaloupe with it…or honey dew melon if you dine at Antonias.

That reminds there seems to be many things that have sparked my interest lately.

1. Honey dew melon I haven’t had any since I was 10! Come to think of it I haven’t had watermelon in a while either.
2. Creationist Science vs. Evolution Science…this fascinates me is it just religious influence or more? I’m I do agree that the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and there is fossil evidence to prove we were not hanging out with dinosaurs.
3. Global Warming…I think I’ve said my bit enough about this topic.
4. Getting a job…HELP!
5. Narcissus…try explaining this Greek tale to a drunk girl :P She was vain! VAIN! But also drunk…He he drunk people are funny.
6. Finishing my documentary…see above ramblings
7. Misogynists! They make me sad :(
8. Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum she makes me laugh
9. Wondering if in fact Multimedia Guy II does like me…thinking maybe I DO like him back.
10. Where is Amy…the ravened haired one?
11. Should I stay in Australia?

And that’s all I can think of for now.

P.S. Chapter 51 is being written…and ummm….GLOBAL WARMING IS BAD!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Outside World

Today I finally got a bit done for my documentary about global warming. Phew! I interviewed some one in conservation. For some reason I thought she was a little old lady with a green thumb or a Rambo Greenpeace type with dreads…its interesting how stereotypes can get into your head.

Speaking of global warming I was searching around Google and found this. Apparently this guy, (who I might add is a misogynist) believes women’s vaginas are causing global warming. For some reason it made me laugh.

So I pretended to be a man because lets face how are they are going to tell on the world wide web of invisibleness? My code name: Cuthbert Higgensbottom… and My response was:

It’s too bad you don’t like vaginas. Perhaps you’re jealous that they don’t like you? Or maybe you’re threatened by femininity? Is there any evidence that penis’s don’t cause global warming as well? Seeing as this a global issue that affects us all we should be equal in the blaming of human genitalia. Does this also include vaginas from different animals inhabiting this VAGINA invested planet? Is there a scientific source other than your all knowingness?

I however have another theory:

A. you’re a big ugly and know woman would come near you or

B. Maybe it’s because you’re gay! GAY!

That is all

Cuthbert Higgensbottom

Well aren’t I ingenious and yes I just realised I said know instead of no…hmmm I wonder if that will show off my femaleness? Probably not? I don’t think my vagina is causing global warming. In fact I think that’s the strangest theory I’ve heard in my entire life. I also just realised this is the first time I used VAGINA in my blog or talked about any type of genitalia, but if you read my story you’ll find I used the word quite a bit, especially in the beginning chapters and it wasn’t meant to be sexualised, it was put there mainly for shock value or humours sake even.

So what else have I been up to lately? Hmmm well today I was told by the all knowing Justin ‘I don’t fit into the outside world nor can I exist in it.’ Apparently, like Jo I am suited for Academia, but that’s so not what I want to do! Maybe it’s true and if that’s the case maybe I shouldn’t have been born! This lovely comment was followed by others which stated what I should do with my oh so not fitting into the outside worlds type life, that “I should fuck off and see Australia!” That’s the first time I used the f word too now that I think about it. I have to say this, but I am seriously tired of Justin’s all knowing trying to be inspirational, but failing type speeches. I know he means well and he isn’t a bad person, but it’s annoying.

By the way Chapter 51 is on its way. I plan to work on it this weekend. If I am so inclined to do so, meanwhile why not review a random chapter say Chapter 38 or Chapter 19, maybe even Chapter 27?

P.S. I had my first kiss! But I broked Admiral Ogre’s heart :(

Sunday, May 20, 2007

On Moonlight Bay

Yesterday was an entire year and three months since I came to Australia. AN ENTIRE YEAR AND THREE MONTHS!

What do I have to say about my day today 15 months since I left on a plane from -22 degree weather. I did absolutely nothing. NOTHING! I was a bit off with the fairies yesterday. I think I still am.

Lately when I am not vandalising Wikipedia, my new obsession or writing my novel, I often procrastinate, which isn’t a good thing because I have three assignments due in two weeks and they are all worth 50 per cent of my entire mark.

Yesterday rather than work on university work, I watched a musical on television called On Moonlight Bay staring Doris Day and Gordon MacGrae, which was made in 1951. The movie centres on Marjorie "Marjie" Winfield a young girl, in 1917 America. She is tough, strong and independent. She plays baseball and did anything she felt like, but of course that all changes once she meets Bill.

It begins with Marjie and her family moving to a new neighbourhood. When we first see Marjie she is gruff and masculine, which clearly upsets her father because girls shouldn’t be strong, tough, independent and play baseball. It becomes apparent even in the first scenes that her father wants her to marry a good high calibre guy as well as become more feminine

Her road to proper femaleness begins one day when her brother Wesley and his new friend decide to play with a gun, said to be from Jessie James. Marjie was playing baseball with some guys at the time, who obviously at first were reluctant to let her play because of her apparent femininity. However, while playing sees her brother in danger and leaves a base ball. She attempts to stop her brother Wesley and his friend saying you shouldn’t play with guns because they are dangerous. During the struggle Wesley shot down the barn door with the gun, which toppled on William “Bill” Sherman. Bill and am assuming represented the time period took it upon himself to discipline the two boys and Marjie, by taking her over his knee and spanking her, clearly mistaking her for a boy because of her as of yet femininity.

In the next scene Marjie is wearing a very pink party dress and Bill. The mother was wise and kind. She was helping Marjie get ready for her big date. It’s apparent she doesn’t conform to the expected norms of conduct because she opens the door for herself and she walks on the outside of the street. Her mother enforces this by saying “I keep telling her a gentleman always walks on the outside.” Their date revolves around a moonlight boat ride talking about the state of the world. Marjie social awkwardness towards men becomes relevant. When they dance as she keeps stomping on Bills feet.

During the movie Bill a college student at Indiana appears to be a free thinker, which is completely acceptable for him as a man. He announces his belief he doesn’t believe in marriage because it’s slavery for a woman and prison for the man. Saying if a man and a woman love each other they shouldn’t have to rely on social institutions to be committed to each other. It’s interesting to note that this ideal is constantly rejected by the other characters, including Marjie, who does want to marry Bill.

We soon see Marjie rejects her tomboy ways during a kiss when she hides her base ball cap and ball. She falls in love much to her conservative father’s distain, as Bill is not studying to be a lawyer or a doctor, but in English literature, her father rejects the idea that he could be a good husband, because a good thoughtful husband has to be able to support his wife. It becomes even worse when Marjie’s father finds out about Bill’s beliefs about marriage. It is because of this Marjie’s banker conservative strict father keeps pushing on his daughter a good stable, well thought of man named Hubert.

Marjie being so dutifully in love takes dancing lessons so the next time her and Bill meet she can dance wonderfully. Unfortunately a snowballing type fight/accident renders her unable to do so because she sprains her oh so feminine ankle. Unfortunately it is found out that Bill is about to be shipped off to war. However, this still leads to the happy ending where Bill and Marjie finally decide to become married ad her father finally agreeing because he is reminded that he was a young man once too by Marjie’s bratty brother.

I know that university is changing my perception because I could see all the cultural analysis type stuff coming in when I was watching it. Specifically the innocence of the time this movie was being made and emphasis on gender roles. The emphasis of marriage and meeting the right guy is also relevant to day. I could go one about the movie, but I think I’ve said enough. This just proves I think too much. To be honest, I find that I often culturally analyse movies. I actually find it to be rather enjoyable. This annoyed Kate one day after watching Because I Said So, with her and Joan. She said analysing a movie takes the joy out it; movies shouldn’t make you think because it takes away the escapism element. I agree to an extent, but I do like to think about what I watch it makes it more meaningful to me. So I wonder am I meant to be a thinker and writer or a career, work till I die type person.

This goes out to Chris: Sorry I haven’t bee around lately. As you guess I did drop off the face of the earth, Philis made a dent and fell through it a deep dark hole.

Anyways, I know exactly what you’re mean in terms of financial difficulties that is, but I know I am not exactly being proactive about the job situation. Today I had the opportunity to apply Sizzlers, but I was too lazy to ride my bike over there. I should apply online or the next time to apply would be on Tuesday, because that’s what the job add specified.

I’ve also been having some really strange garbled type dreams lately too. Last night or was it the night before I dreamt I made kissy with Officer Octogenarian, not the character the guy I like. It was strange because I was watching my self kiss him and thinking wow it’s really strange to have kissed some one. Then I watch Multimedia Guy II flirt with a rather grotesque girl and thinking who cares I just made kissy with the other guy.

I am also having a lot of end of the world dreams again. I think it’s because I am almost finished here in Rockhampton. It feels like the end. Of course when I start something new I’ll have survivor end of the world dreams about rebuilding as well as alien dreams. Do your dreams about being in Rockhampton represent your connection to home? The first few months I was in Australia I kept dreaming I was back in Canada. I think now it was because I was finally independent on my own and I wasn’t quite ready to let go of home yet. What do you reckon?

Now some very good news!

CHAPTER 50 of Song of the Superheroes is complete! Also because I completely forgot my oh so compulsory entry for Chapter 49…here is the link for it here :P This entire story would be finished five chapters ago if the bloody characters would stop arguing and just get on with it. You’ll see what I mean. I am now formulating Chapter 51 and it should be done next week I hope. Hopefully I didn’t waste my time writing 110 thousand words of nothingness!

P.S. I am a telephone space cadet!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Describing my day. PROCRASTINATION!

Procrastination has still got the better of me…whether it’s playing solitaire or meddling with computer graphics

Here are some examples of my procrastination.

What do you think?

I would add more writing but my brain is on vacation, a sweet blissful vacation, where no one is invited except me.

But if you want some interesting things that I’ve done today…

I applied to teach English in Japan…I really want to go there now for some reason.

My mom wants to come for my graduation because she hasn’t missed a single one yet. Even though there have only been two graduations in my life time!

I’m worried that Carol is mad at me because I haven’t talked to her since February. FEBRUARY! That’s terrible!

Chris and I discussed the use of the word beautiful and the way it’s used particularly when describing a guy. I remember a time when my old flatmate Maria before she moved to a different flat. She would pay me out; sometimes get upset if I used the word beautiful to describe a guy, even if I was talking about Officer Octogenarian in my novel. So my question to you is, can you use the word beautiful to describe a man? Or is it a feminine word and the word handsome be used instead?

That reminds me I am obsessed with my novel! But those who read this blog probably already know that.

P.S. Yes, yes I know Chapter 49 isn’t finished yet….

Monday, May 07, 2007

Fairly, Invisible, Dog, Only, Now Interesting this October.

Today I will start off my blog with some very interesting quotes I found…

“Albert Einstein was asked one day by a friend,
“Do you believe that absolutely everything can be expressed scientifically?”
“Yes it would be possible,” he replied, “but it would make no sense. It would be description without meaning–as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation in wave pressure.”
— Ronald W. Clark, Einstein: The Life and Times

To become human one must make room in oneself for the wonders of the universe.
— South American Indian saying

Sorry about the angry blog entry yesterday. I was feeling very “Fidonio”…a mixture of anger and sadness it’s something the character is based on.

For instance in Chapter 38 when Hev-Lady made the attempt to comfort the disparaging big brown dog named Fidonio. He reacted with hostility, saying.
“Leave me alone. I don’t want your sympathy!”
Or when Sarah attempts to give a sobbing Fidonio a hug he reacts moments later with “Stop hugging me. I don’t want your sympathy!”
The one difference is I am not a lonely big brown dog, nor am I forgotten or invisible.

That’s how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. So the book vs. movie conundrum made me unusually irritated, so I have a depressingly doomed love life. It makes me feel so self centred. I am in a dark angry place and I desperately want out. Luckily I have friends who offer a shovel every now and then so I can dig myself out of this dark angry place.

That reminds me Chapter 48 is done…Chapter 49 is still making me mad, but I’ll try to finish it by tomorrow after I work on some of my assignment that is.

That reminds me…I’m not sure if this sounds silly or not but on Saturday night I hugged Officer Octogenarian at the night club and when he did it felt like time stopped. I’m not sure how to describe that feeling of time stopping, but you know it when it’s happening… The night clubs: It’s the only freaking place I’ve seen him! It’s stupid because he goes to the same university, but I haven’t bumped into him. May I remind you he is not the character from my book, but the actual person I have named after him for anonymities sake.

P.S. Fidonio in case you don’t know stands for: Fairly, Invisible, Dog, Only, Now Interesting this October.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Miss Rant a lot...

Things are making me mad lately!

My story is making me angry. I am the entire author but the characters don’t seem to think so. I spent five hours just trying to make them move out of the planetarium in chapter 48. And now in Chapter 49 they still refuse to leave.

The most annoying thing I’ve been told lately is “You’ll meet the right guy he’ll sweep you off your feet.” I feel like it’s the biggest lie imbedded into people consciousness. Is it Disney or some fanciful advice given to a lonely girl? I sorry but I officially say that I don’t believe in love. I’m becoming celibate. It’s something I’m good at.

And another thing that doesn’t make sense is someone saying they like the movie based on the book better than the book its self when they haven’t even read it. You can’t compare the two if you’ve only seen one. Also how can someone say they appreciate someone’s authoring style but they haven’t read anything by them? This question goes out to Mr. I don’t read books Justin features and his all knowing opinions about Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. I’m sorry but Justin gets on my nerves sometimes. Why can’t know it alls find something else to base their entire self esteem on? This question goes out to me, myself and I? Because I 'm sure I sounded overtly know it all type cruel about that last statement...

P.S. Sorry if I sounded like a bitch..I'm going through Neptunian puberty!