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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random Angry Ramblings...FINBARPURPLETON!

I am not currently entering a Finbarpurpleton mood. Now I’ve explained feeling Fidonio, but to feel Finbarpurpleton? That means I am easily angered by stupid things, except I don’t pee on NO DOGS ALLOWED signs, because not only am I not a dog, but that would be just plain weird and disgusting.

Also quite currently I am supposed to be working on my dastardly documentary about global warming I am almost finished filming. I have an interview with some all knowing expert personage at 2 p.m. and I am worried that I won’t be about to film it because
1. need a microphone so it sounds all professional like
2. .Another tape…I only have five minutes left on one of them and
3. I have no idea where I am supposed meet this all knowing expert personage…some wheres on Quay Street or Fitzroy River?

Sounds like a triple combination for disaster! DISASTER! That reminds me I haven’t done voice overs yet or even put the entire thing together. I am doomed. DOOMED! And this is making me angry and agitated. Hence miss evil eyed snappy pants Melissa has been around for the last three days and hence the intertextual reference to Finbarpurpleton. Her claws are out beware!

For randomness sakes here is the acrostic poem for Finbarpurpleton


Jo told me yesterday that I seem to have very deep and meaningful dreams, in which my imagination seems to run wild. I haven’t had one dream that I could not use in a story somewhere, the problem is I forget some of them. But I have dreamed entire chapters to superheroes…remember Chapter 45 and Chapter 46…all from the same dream!

On Monday as a form of procrastination I bugged the misogynist with another post by Cuthbert Higgensbottom. Now the poo head is going on about how there is no hate on his site when it’s full of it! Apparently woman are fascists? I think he and Nigel Bottington would get along. I have a plan for Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum. With her awesome power of femininity she will beat Mr. Bottington with a copy of the Female Eunuch at a Sunday brunch, which isn’t quite breakfast and isn’t quite lunch, but has a nice piece of cantaloupe with it…or honey dew melon if you dine at Antonias.

That reminds there seems to be many things that have sparked my interest lately.

1. Honey dew melon I haven’t had any since I was 10! Come to think of it I haven’t had watermelon in a while either.
2. Creationist Science vs. Evolution Science…this fascinates me is it just religious influence or more? I’m I do agree that the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and there is fossil evidence to prove we were not hanging out with dinosaurs.
3. Global Warming…I think I’ve said my bit enough about this topic.
4. Getting a job…HELP!
5. Narcissus…try explaining this Greek tale to a drunk girl :P She was vain! VAIN! But also drunk…He he drunk people are funny.
6. Finishing my documentary…see above ramblings
7. Misogynists! They make me sad :(
8. Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum she makes me laugh
9. Wondering if in fact Multimedia Guy II does like me…thinking maybe I DO like him back.
10. Where is Amy…the ravened haired one?
11. Should I stay in Australia?

And that’s all I can think of for now.

P.S. Chapter 51 is being written…and ummm….GLOBAL WARMING IS BAD!

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Tohou Lidia said...

I are here oh curly haired one :P Your global warming doco sounds great - i know with your fantastical computer skills and expert handling of windows movie maker - you will get a HD!!! You little greenie :P So you think you may like Multimedia Guy II? And why are you harrassing that poor misogynist? Hehe- i checked out his site and saw Mrs Lauchlan's mum's post. Hahahahaha- you two were the funniest comments ever! You should make a habit of it :P

Luv Amy