Life and times of an astrophysist who is actually a former journalism student who is really a NERD nerdy retarded weird girl pretending to be an astrophysisist...mispelling INTENDED!

NERD nerdy retarded weird girl central...well mostly my mussings and random interludes whilst I am working towards getting a car and licence so my random adventures and time spent in Australia was worth while. It should be intersting Enjoy! While in Australia...I was sunburnt,went to Sydney and wrote my first novel. So far back in Canadia I have been couch hoping and meandering from city to city. More adventures to come. Hopefully they are as interesting as my Australia ones.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its been awhile

Yes I realise it has been awhile…but I seriously have nothing interesting to write about. I’ve either told all my friends already or just forgotten anything notable, which is highly unlikely.

Chapter 54 is done! Sadly I think it might be 60 chapters the way the story is going now….Yes yes this is my compulsory entry to tell everyone how Chapter 54 is up.

I am feeling really anxious and full of worry lately. You see I finally got the courage to ask my Officer Octogenarian over for spaghetti bolognaise. I always wondered if it’s true that a way to mans heart is his stomach. I though about it so much I kept dreaming about trying to get to Officer Octogenarians stomach so I could get to his heart. He hasn’t replied yet! I think I scared him away.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dreams again lately. They leave me increasingly confounded but they are way to complicated and personal to write about them here or at least I think so. In fact I think I bog people down with all my personal problems making them listen to them constantly…So I apologise for that.

Now my new agenda is to make chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. I can’t wait! There is something special about homemade cookies, the way they smell, the way the taste. Perhaps I will use my baking skills to attract my Officer Octogenarian, but considering my luck lately I highly doubt it.

P.S. Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum has my vote for Prime Spinster of Fergaria-Finbarton!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Questions and Answers

It’s cold today and for some reason it is making me homesick. Apparently it’s the coldest day on record makes me question the logic of global warming.

But now I shall introduce to everyone my new obsession: Yahoo Answers.

Its fun because I can either be really serious or silly.

Here are some examples of questions I have answered.

Who agrees with me that Wikipedia is the sequel to the Bible?

You're a Bible sequel to Wikipedia!No it is not it’s more like a encyclopaedia of everything that is open to manipulation because anyone can edit it.

You’re Face!

Why did they built the great wall?

To keep the rabbits out!No, no just kidding it was to keep out the Mongolians...pretty much what everyone is saying.

Does running my hair dryer outside cause global warming?

I'll global warming your hair dryer outside :P Global warming is caused by an excess of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere produced by humanity, by the clearing of forests, the use of cars and energy. So I guess the energy you use to run a hair dryer could contribute in a small way. My suggestion use the sun it does just as good a job as a hair dryer.

How do you know that you’re in love?

I have always thought that maybe its different for everyone, but when I think of love sickness you cannot eat, when you think about them your stomach is nothing but butterflies and nerves, you can't sleep, you cannot stop thinking about them whether you want to or not, you dream about them, you hope you see them just to see them, you feel warm and fuzzy when they smile or talk to you and you feel constantly happy as if they were floating on cloud nine and nothing can bring you down to Earth. It’s almost a euphoric feeling. I could go on but I think you get the point. You'll definitely know when you’re in love.

Help with writing? I'm writing a novel and need some help coming up with a last name for one of my characters, Ace. If you have any ideas please help.

That's awesome your writing a novel!It’s hard to say what the last name should be. Sometimes it depends on the story itself. For instance I am writing a novel that is somewhat abstract and silly so it seemed to fit when I gave the characters silly names both first and last. It helps when the name fits with the personality of the character as well.This may sound really weird but the characters name usually just come. I always say listen to the character let them tell you what his last name is. I've also looked up historical figures and sometimes I look in the thesaurus for ideas as well as phone books. You can also choose names based on the meaning of the story and the character as a whole. It's all what is best for you as the author and your character.

And here are some questions I asked…

Did dolphins and whales ever have legs? This one would make Philis mad actually to be honest this made quite a few people mad. I guess there are plenty of Philis’ in the world. Actually when I asked this I had Chris in mind.

Is it true that Neptune has a vast inner ocean? Another Philis type angering question…

Can you use the word beautiful to describe a male? Or Is a strictly feminine word?

Fun stuff I say…I was chosen for two best answers yay! Go me!

Also I took down the pictures of Officer Octogenarian in case he sees my blog and thinks I am a psycho obsessed type, which I think I am for some reason. I had this entirely dastardly idea to invite him over for spaghetti bolognaise but I am not sure how to go about it. It would involve asking my flatmate for his number…and me sounding like a twelve year old girl. However, most people I ask think it’s a good idea...My reasoning I want to test the theory that the way to mans heart is his stomach to see if it works or not.

Chapter 54 is coming soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Imaginary friends what a concept!

Joan :)
Antonia :)

I made some more pictures :) They are of Antonia and Joan because I didn’t want them to be left out. I did the pictures entirely on Photoshop. What I did was outline the basic lines of the person in a photograph and then filled it in with colour…its not as complicated as it sounds.

Yes yes I am writing another blog entry…I am just spinning them out aren’t I? Actually I am writing today because it are a special day. I have been here ONE YEAR and FOUR MONTHS! It seems like yesterday that I came here.

Actually to take my mind of things that are bugging me lately and there are A LOT of things bugging me. I wrote a short story which I plan to submit for a short story contest. It’s called An Imaginary Love and it’s based on things that are happening lately and past experience with imaginary friends. I have mentioned my imaginary friends before in this blog but it was ages ago. Actually I am really interested in the concept of imaginary friends for some reason.

I found these interesting articles about the phenomenon called imaginary friends. Apparently its normal and imaginary or pretend friends are actually a good thing.

Joan your in my thoughts I hope you get better soon!

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Title because Joan wants to read my new entry and I can't think of one!

Today because of a conversation with my mom Hev-Lady I have decided to clear something up. Officer Octogenarian and I NOT a couple nor are we dating although I wish we were because he is entirely beautiful. THE END! I should also add that what I said about the picture making me sad was entirely cryptic and umm related to the umm dating type thing. Because I was being all put down like on myself and saying well more like thinking that umm I am not pretty enough for him? Wow that was entirely personal wasn’t it? But Hev-Lady told me she disagrees and said “honey you are a very attractive young lady and you have your own beauty that one can match!” Thank you Hev-Lady! We can all agree that Hev-Lady is very wise!

Oh did I are mention he is really cute!

Oh yeah Hev-Lady saw my old blog entry I wrote about her in February and she left a comment. It was nice too! I are miss my mom.

Well this sounds sad but I think I might go home to Canada for awhile so I can get my drivers license…My goal to drive a car because licence plus car equals journalism job. YAY! Then I can apply for permanent residency for Australia while I am there as well! Then come back! Definitely come back! Of course this is just and idea.

P.S. Its official everyone agrees (including Hev-Lady) that my Officer Octogenarian is cute. Yay!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Officer Octogenarian!

Me and Officer Octogenarian

Today I find myself hating pictures for some reason. Specifically this one. It makes me sad but strangely in a good way. I am entirely confused by the emotions this picture brings me. Yes, yes this is MY OFFICER OCTOGENARIAN! I have a vision that one day when my book is published no longer one will say this person is the one I desire but this is my Officer Octogenarian. It will no longer be a name but a code word for a secret love and beauty in the eyes of the person reciting it.

Sadly I missed out on my chance to ask him what the big brown dogs name is…There is always I next time Chris. I promise I'll ask him next chance I get.

Here is some more pictures I made too…these ones make me happy. YAY!

Yes I forgot Antonia :( I'll make a picture for her soon!

Amy! Chris and Amy


Here it is again play lists from selected Song of the Superheroes characters.

Finbarpurpleton’s angry eyed music
  1. Takin' Care Of Business - Bachman Turner Overdrive (B.T.O)
  2. Its All Been Done - Barenaked Ladies
  3. Told You So - Barenaked Ladies
  4. 5th Symphony - Ludwig Van Beethoven
  5. My Prerogative - Britney Spears
  6. Making It Work - Doug And The Slugs
  7. I Just Wanna Live -Good Charlotte
  8. Basket Case - Green Day
  9. It's My Pride - The Guess Who
  10. A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash
  11. Alert Status Red - Matthew Good
  12. Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka
  13. Supermans Dead- Our Lady Peace
  14. Is Anybody Home? -Our Lady Peace
  15. That Don't Impress Me Much - Shania Twain
  16. This Is Such A Pitty - Weezer
  17. Shut Up - Simple Plan
  18. Brain Stew - Green Day
  19. Rollin - LimpBizzkit
  20. Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo) - Ludwig van Beethoven
  21. Ode to Joy - Ludwig Van Beethoven

FERGUS! Fergus’ broken hearted playlist

  1. Alternative Girlfriend – Barenaked Ladies
  2. Lovers In A Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies
  3. Come Together - The Beatles
  4. Fools Paradise - Buddy Holly
  5. It Doesn't Matter Anymore - Buddy Holly
  6. No More Tears (Enough is Enough) Donna Summer
  7. Fergalicous - Fergie
  8. She - Green Day
  9. A Wendesday In Your Garden - The Guess Who
  10. Something Don't Feel Right - Guy Sebastian
  11. Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress - The Hollies
  12. It Aint Me Babe - Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash
  13. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka
  14. Our Last Song Together- Neil Sedaka
  15. U +Me =Bad - P!nk
  16. Whenever, Wherever - Shakira
  17. Long Dark Road - The Hollies
  18. Broken - The Guess Who
  19. Take It Like A Man – Bachman Turner Overdrive (B.T.O)
  20. I Am Gonna Set My Foot Down - Buddy Holly
  21. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive (B.T.O)

P.S. I are think I are in like!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Most Beautiful Boy in the Entire World.

I made a pretty picture…
CHAPTER 53 is done! YAY!

I know I should have been writing Chapter 54…but I decided to give another story I haven’t touched in a while a brush over. I re-wrote Chapter 1 of Journey to the Fifth Continent. Tis much better now and I even started Chapter 2. It’s now over 3,000 words.

Today my thoughts are about alcohol. Why would people purposely make themselves feel sick? It makes no sense to me. Especially since I did it myself...

For the last couple of months I have been lucky enough to see who I think is the most beautiful boy in the entire world. Unfortunately I think he is too beautiful for me and even though he has talked to me probably doesn’t know I exist. Besides I think he has an entire girlfriend. AN ENTIRE GIRLFRIEND!

P.S. My entire keyboard is dirty and I have a headache…no thanks to Finbarpurpleton!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

This time last year...

I find my life somewhat humorous lately.

Why is it humorous? I was sitting around attempting to write Chapter 53 yesterday when I realised that Carol never came to visit in February like she said she would. We made a pact and everything. Ha ha ha I just find it hilarious that I completely forgot and I only remember now four months after the fact. It gives me the silly Melissa giggles.

It is cold lately and for some strange reason it’s making me homesick. It makes me long for the days when I would huddle under blankets, the frost covered windows, bundling myself in layers just to walk to the corner store or to go to college and I don’t know a HEATER! I find this funny because a year ago I would have not found this weather cold, which means I’ve probably acclimatised a bit. To think I used to snicker at people who said thermal underwear weather was 10 degrees C. Sadly I can see where they are coming from now. Mind you I can still say to people. “You think this is cold? Well I’m from Canada….how about some sub zero temperatures for you eh? Now that’s cold!” However, if I say I’m cold people use my Canadian background against me saying “but you’re from Canada?”

Here is an excerpt from my journal June 8th last year:

“Yet again my Grandma was very curious about the time zones. She insisted it was 4 p.m. when it was really 2 p.m. here. I’m like Grandma; ‘I think I would know what time it is here.’”

Too funny! It’s the only thing that hasn’t changed since I’ve been to Australia. My grandma still is keen on the time zones. Perhaps it’s the science fictionyness of it? Case in point I’m aware that ‘fictionyness’ isn’t a word. A word by dictionary standards that is, but by Melissa standards it’s an entire word. I made it up the end! Go me!

Actually this sounds bad but my grandma is making me annoyed, she out of her oh so helpfulness contacted Mormon church members (Officially called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) here in Rocky. Now I am being stalked by Mormon members, Mormon missionaries, and Mormons questioning and pressuring me to go back to church. In fact two missionaries are coming to visit tomorrow, but I said it was alright because I’m not mean enough to tell them to piss off. Or should I say I lack the adequate supply of backbone material?

If only I had a wee little bit of backbone growth! I could tell my flatmate and her boyfriend to keep it down while they shall I dare say it…make bouncy bouncy. I’m scarred for life now no thanks to them. Tell certain people to back off when they are trying to be inspirational, but failing with there I am so great in my knowingness speeches and no that last one isn’t directed at anyone.

P.S. It was around this time last year I was hanging out with my A.E.S.M. friends Chris, Amy, Antonia…Chramymelonia! Gosh I miss those days!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rainy Day Snippets

Just a quick entry to say Chapter 52 is up. YAY! I’m going to start chapter 53 after I have a nice long nap.

Because I am too tired to write a in depth entry… (I promise I write one tomorrow or the later) I’ll just write random snippets of information. For instance…

Things I’ve noticed today:

Today was a very rainy day and people looked so dreary. It makes me sad. I find it funny when I tell them there are torrential rains and flooding where my mom lives and people here ask me if that’s good? Ummm… NO ITS NOT! Then again this view is coming from a drought stricken area of the world. Still I am under the impression that flooding is bad. BAD!

I’m obscenely tired.

It’s the rain that is making me tired.

Giraffes are herbivorous! And I’m the only one weird enough to invent a giraffe that is carnivorous.

My novel would be an entire 500 page pack of paper. AN ENTIRE PACK! I are will have to edit it down much to the dissatisfaction to my friends.

Chris is obsessed with Song of the Superheroes.

I proved that Norma Normington/Mrs. Bruce Willis Man are writes differently than she are speaks…you’ll see once you read Chapter 52.

I’ve decided to stay in Australia. This would make my mom sad. SAD!

I like toasted sandwiches.

I’m so poor a pauper is richer than me.

My name is indeed in fact Melissa…NOT MEL! I’ve been trying to tell certain people not just Joan that I like to be called Melissa. If only they knew how it irritated me so.

That is all I have to say.

Its raining its pouring the old bear is snoring he bumped his shoulder on a big, big boulder and didn’t wake up till the morning.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What to Write about

What to say?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing comes to my mind that I can write about, maybe it’s because I’ve been writing all day.

Chapter 51 is finally finished. Yay! It took forever, the damned characters didn’t do what I wanted them too…so eventually I just stoped and listened to what they were telling me. They didn’t like my ending I had planned for some reason. That was the entire problem and they like to argue a lot so a majority of chapters just have them trading insults with each other. It’s hard to explain without sounding a bit eccentric. But the characters they talk to me in writer talk, they tell me what they want to happen. I had this plan for a dastardly ending, but now its may not end like I wanted it too. It doesn’t make me sad, just confounded on how things change in a story that you didn’t expect.

I am almost done Chapter 52 in fact I think I am almost done the novel. It’s been seven months since I began this story and I am anxious to finish it so I can edit and possibly try to get it published. Maybe even start one of my other projects…as I have two other novels I’ve started as well, namely the science fiction one Journey to the Fifth Continent and the sequel or spin off of Song of the Superheroes Fizzy Lemonade.

I make my own identity because I know how to mould stuff. And people are not made of play dough so they’re unable to be shaped by this so called media.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cuthbert Higgensbottom's views on Mel Gibson

Tee hee! I left another comment for the misogynist. First it was womans vagina’s causing global warming and now apparently woman ruined Mel Gibson?

Heres what Cuthbert had to say:

I disagree my good friend. Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum was once called sugar tits as she is a police officer and they need a tranquilizer just to calm the poor woman down. But I digress would a man police officer be just as angry if you called him a dickhead? cockhead? fuckhead? Or some other comment about his masculinity? I Think so! I've been called this many times and its gets me so angry. ANGRY! And for the record I RUINED MEL GIBSON! And your a big stinky poo head in the pants. Case in point if you are not nice Mrs. Lachlan's Mum will come and beat your with her autographed copy of the Female Eunuch.

That is all
~Cuthbert Higgensbottom

P.S. I have shown this link to my good friend Nigel Bottington and he has determined that you are gay. GAY!

Amy asked why I like to bug the misogynist? Because I can! Misogynists make me angry. ANGRY! I hate it…all this website is probably some ugly man with an opinion that has nothing to back it up. But then again it’s amusing what this guy comes up with…Case in point I propose a proposition to Chris or should I say Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum to make a regular habit of posting stupid comments on his site. Ha!

Today I spent the bulk of it researching for an essay due on Monday. So far so good. I promise as soon as this essay is done I will finish Song of the Superheroes.

Yesterday was stressful enough said! My documentary on global warming is somewhat complete but the lecturer said it was a good story. Also to clear some confusion Windows Media Maker is not used some other fancy program is, but because this fancy program wasn’t working on the computers it was offered by the lecture to do the editing process for us. So I just had to rely on the production script and various visuals. But now it is done! And it wasn’t as disastrous as I thought it would be well that was until the file with my production script became corrupted and I thought I might have to retype it! I almost pulled my entire hair out. MY ENTIRE HAIR! Luckily I found a way to recover it and now all is well. Then there was a dastardly group assignment, which I do not want to talk about. If you that desperate to hear e-mail me!

Hence to say I am still feeling Finbarpurpleton…and I will for a couple of more days so be careful around me I might be a little be mean. In fact I apologise in advance.

P.S. I’m done uni in five months :( It are makes me sad.