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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What to Write about

What to say?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing comes to my mind that I can write about, maybe it’s because I’ve been writing all day.

Chapter 51 is finally finished. Yay! It took forever, the damned characters didn’t do what I wanted them too…so eventually I just stoped and listened to what they were telling me. They didn’t like my ending I had planned for some reason. That was the entire problem and they like to argue a lot so a majority of chapters just have them trading insults with each other. It’s hard to explain without sounding a bit eccentric. But the characters they talk to me in writer talk, they tell me what they want to happen. I had this plan for a dastardly ending, but now its may not end like I wanted it too. It doesn’t make me sad, just confounded on how things change in a story that you didn’t expect.

I am almost done Chapter 52 in fact I think I am almost done the novel. It’s been seven months since I began this story and I am anxious to finish it so I can edit and possibly try to get it published. Maybe even start one of my other projects…as I have two other novels I’ve started as well, namely the science fiction one Journey to the Fifth Continent and the sequel or spin off of Song of the Superheroes Fizzy Lemonade.

I make my own identity because I know how to mould stuff. And people are not made of play dough so they’re unable to be shaped by this so called media.

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