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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Boiling Point

I have two roommates:

One I have named Grace and the other Viola, Grace loves Grace Kelly and Viola is very musical.

Despite the fact this blog causes problems, I’ve made it private so I can go back to my honest opinions. I am going to be mean. In fact because its private I could use real names but I like the made up ones better….

I have something to say. My frustration with roommates (flatmates) has reached a boiling point. I like them, yet I have no patience for either of them.

I was really upset at one of my roommate Viola last night. I was late by two days cleaning the bathroom because apparently according to Grace who owns the place decided that every Sunday one of us has floor duty or bathroom duty. The later is mainly shared between Viola and me becauseGrace has her own. She cleans the shower in the rotation. Anyways, because of not doing it when expected I got a lovely note on the bathroom mirror.

"Melissa, the bathroom doesn't clean up itself."

Needless to say I was pretty choked about it and I felt like going into attack mode, which I think is something my mom does, but I digress. At 11 p.m. I cleaned, and then I left a note of my own saying:

“The bathroom doesn’t clean itself, but I did. I hope it is up to your utmost satisfaction. Thank you for the reminder.”

So of course I heard about it from the other roommate Grace who defended Viola and said it was sarcasm and maybe Viola was upset because I spend too much time helping my mom rather then doing my duties in the house or perhaps she was to P.O.’d about it to say anything and perhaps a note was just a nice way of saying something to me. Nice way? More like a passive aggressive bitchy way. And apparently if I didn’t like receiving a note why would Viola. Hmmmm….maybe that is why I left one and maybe that is why I “accidentally” dropped her toothbrush in the toilet. She wants to be a bitch I can be one too. Enough said.

I understand why Viola was upset but she could have talked to me in a mature manner and I would have apologized cleaned the bathroom and perhaps explained the lateness. Yes I was helping my mom yesterday but I had also just finished working 6 days straight mostly 8 hour shifts in which time was limited, not an excuse but a reason and didn’t mean I wasn’t going to do it. Patience is a virtue Viola obviously lacks. The whole you have to clean such and such on such and such a day is retarded. If I wanted to live in a dictatorship I’d time travel to Russia during Stalin’s regime. It doesn’t help they are both anal about it. It’s still the day of and they are after me reminding me. I have to wash my baking dishes because I am baking fiend (understandably) but Viola doesn’t? Christ that makes me angry! I wish Grace and Viola would stop being such a dish Nazis!

I accidentally put clothes on the dryer which are apparently littered with cat hairs (probably because Grace’s cat Lucy is imprisoned there 90% of the time) and Viola makes a snarky comment about how I made a terrible mistake and she is allergic, etc. I apologised her response was still equally sarcastic. Hmmmm….

This is not to say that I don’t like them. I have had good moments but right now my frustration is oozing down the sides of the pot from over boiling and its kind flowed over the good times.

P.S. I am making Fudge cupcakes for Tony for his birthday AND to celebrate the fact he gets a permanent home. WOOT!