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Monday, September 12, 2005

How it all began

When I was 10 years-old I remember sitting in my grade five class watching a program about Australia. It was then that I thought I really want to go there some day. Nine years later during my first year of college. I thought I would like to go to school there. My plans didn't come into affect till my second year.

I haven't quite made the journey across the pond yet. I have another five months to go. After the tough decision of deciding what uni (that's what they call university there) I have finally picked one. All three I applied to accepted me. Now you may think it is very odd that I should chose to study Down Under. It is but, I always seem to do things the hard way. Yes it may be easier to study here in Canada, but it will be more of an experience over there. I will also be the first one in my family to travel outside of the country.

It isn't the accents, the beautiful beaches or the cornucopia of marsupials that are not found anywhere else in the world. It is somewhere different. It is the adventure. It is somewhere new.
Now, I know that Australia won't be anything like the Crocodile Dundee movies, to think such would be ridiculous. Although, I have watched the movies from time to time. I would however suggest watching crocodile Dundee for mere amusement.

Now if I had second thoughts about going to Oz. I would not be able too. First off I paid the quite pricey tuition deposit and my plane ticket, which to my delight stops in Honolulu and Fiji. I am easily amused I guess you could say.

Currently I am waiting for my conformation of enrollment or a CoE, which I need to apply for a student visa and my student loan. Many things are need to be done before I can go to school. A friend of mine said she couldn't understand why I would want to do all that. Many have responded to my plans negatively, but I guess they will never understand.