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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rainy Day Snippets

Just a quick entry to say Chapter 52 is up. YAY! I’m going to start chapter 53 after I have a nice long nap.

Because I am too tired to write a in depth entry… (I promise I write one tomorrow or the later) I’ll just write random snippets of information. For instance…

Things I’ve noticed today:

Today was a very rainy day and people looked so dreary. It makes me sad. I find it funny when I tell them there are torrential rains and flooding where my mom lives and people here ask me if that’s good? Ummm… NO ITS NOT! Then again this view is coming from a drought stricken area of the world. Still I am under the impression that flooding is bad. BAD!

I’m obscenely tired.

It’s the rain that is making me tired.

Giraffes are herbivorous! And I’m the only one weird enough to invent a giraffe that is carnivorous.

My novel would be an entire 500 page pack of paper. AN ENTIRE PACK! I are will have to edit it down much to the dissatisfaction to my friends.

Chris is obsessed with Song of the Superheroes.

I proved that Norma Normington/Mrs. Bruce Willis Man are writes differently than she are speaks…you’ll see once you read Chapter 52.

I’ve decided to stay in Australia. This would make my mom sad. SAD!

I like toasted sandwiches.

I’m so poor a pauper is richer than me.

My name is indeed in fact Melissa…NOT MEL! I’ve been trying to tell certain people not just Joan that I like to be called Melissa. If only they knew how it irritated me so.

That is all I have to say.

Its raining its pouring the old bear is snoring he bumped his shoulder on a big, big boulder and didn’t wake up till the morning.

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