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Monday, June 18, 2007

A Title because Joan wants to read my new entry and I can't think of one!

Today because of a conversation with my mom Hev-Lady I have decided to clear something up. Officer Octogenarian and I NOT a couple nor are we dating although I wish we were because he is entirely beautiful. THE END! I should also add that what I said about the picture making me sad was entirely cryptic and umm related to the umm dating type thing. Because I was being all put down like on myself and saying well more like thinking that umm I am not pretty enough for him? Wow that was entirely personal wasn’t it? But Hev-Lady told me she disagrees and said “honey you are a very attractive young lady and you have your own beauty that one can match!” Thank you Hev-Lady! We can all agree that Hev-Lady is very wise!

Oh did I are mention he is really cute!

Oh yeah Hev-Lady saw my old blog entry I wrote about her in February and she left a comment. It was nice too! I are miss my mom.

Well this sounds sad but I think I might go home to Canada for awhile so I can get my drivers license…My goal to drive a car because licence plus car equals journalism job. YAY! Then I can apply for permanent residency for Australia while I am there as well! Then come back! Definitely come back! Of course this is just and idea.

P.S. Its official everyone agrees (including Hev-Lady) that my Officer Octogenarian is cute. Yay!

1 comment:

Tohou Lidia said...

yes Melissa...Officer Old are cute! i'm guessing Joan is ok considering you devoted this entry to her???

And Miss Melissa! I agree with your are a very attractive young lady and anyone is lucky to have you!!

Oh and also! I love those pictures you did of AESM! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! They are cool!

And we'll have to talk more often!

Luv Amy