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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its been awhile

Yes I realise it has been awhile…but I seriously have nothing interesting to write about. I’ve either told all my friends already or just forgotten anything notable, which is highly unlikely.

Chapter 54 is done! Sadly I think it might be 60 chapters the way the story is going now….Yes yes this is my compulsory entry to tell everyone how Chapter 54 is up.

I am feeling really anxious and full of worry lately. You see I finally got the courage to ask my Officer Octogenarian over for spaghetti bolognaise. I always wondered if it’s true that a way to mans heart is his stomach. I though about it so much I kept dreaming about trying to get to Officer Octogenarians stomach so I could get to his heart. He hasn’t replied yet! I think I scared him away.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dreams again lately. They leave me increasingly confounded but they are way to complicated and personal to write about them here or at least I think so. In fact I think I bog people down with all my personal problems making them listen to them constantly…So I apologise for that.

Now my new agenda is to make chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. I can’t wait! There is something special about homemade cookies, the way they smell, the way the taste. Perhaps I will use my baking skills to attract my Officer Octogenarian, but considering my luck lately I highly doubt it.

P.S. Mrs. Lachlan’s Mum has my vote for Prime Spinster of Fergaria-Finbarton!


Tohou Lidia said...

Yay! Compulsary entry! Don't worry too much about the Officer - if he doesn't realize what's in front of him than he's no good anyway!



Tohou Lidia said...

OH and also - i think you need myspace....I'm on a recruiting drive to get more of my friends on it so i can spam their spaces ;)

Luv Amy