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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Obsession and Oatmeal Cookies .

Just a quick entry tonight…its 1:37 a.m. at the time of writing this and well I really must be off to bed. It seems my night owl type habits are coming back again.

Let’s see what have I done lately? I baked a batch of oatmeal cookies on Friday about 36 to be exact. They tasted so good I ate them all to myself, the very last one being about 10 minutes ago. I am entire lard. Noooo I ate them all because I’m fat! Sorry channelling my inner Philis.

Anyways, my obsession with my Officer Octogenarian is continuing to unfold. I think I have talked about this way too much. So I will spare you the ramblings. Oh yes and I finally got the courage to apply for a job as a journalist at the local newspaper in town The Morning Bulletin yesterday, as they were advertising for one. I' ve been studying journalism for four years almost so I think its time I get a job in the field. Tis and interesting paper to read a bit sensationalist and strange, but it would still be fun to work at.

Jo and I watched Norbit and then culturally analysed it. I kept using the term binary opposites at least three times, which proves university is rubbing off on me. The reason I used the term is because Rasputia the main villain type character is seen as morbid, mean, and fat as opposed to Norbits object of affection Kate who is said to be even by the producers of the movie “petite and beautiful.” To me that is a real binary opposite of fat/skinny or big/small. It makes me sad how obesity and fat are seen as negative. Case in point Philis punched Ashleigh after watching this movie…It offended her fat and made Ashleigh even more of a NERD nerdy retarded weird girl. Luckily Princess Jo provided soup and bread.

Basically the whole entire point of this random short entry is to announce that Chapter 55 is up. Yay! Also because certain individuals said it is compulsory to post an entry when I update my massively long story…which now is 120170 words. I am obsessed!

P.S. I baked another batch of cookies, chocolate chip cookies, but they didn’t taste as good as the first…Also its 1:57 at the time of finishing this entry.

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Tohou Lidia said...

hahaha- to chapter 55 - the way this is going it's going to be up to 100 before you know it!

I love oatmeal cookies as well. Haha - i allow you to be obsessed with the Officer. And i really really hope you get the bully job - it would be great to be a journo in rocky i think - i kind of would have liked to do the regional thing cause you learn so much and make life long friends :) Hopefully everything works out!

Luv Amy