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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Imaginary Influences

Well my first week of uni will be over tomorrow. It’s been a strange week. There is just something about this week that made it strange and I can’t quite figure it out.

“The door of my classroom during Cultural and Media Identity class has an ugly green door with a rectangle window. I kept imagining Wild Will barging in and saying talk about something that isn’t shit or I will eat you!” ~ July 12 2006

The funny thing about this is I can still see the green door and the imagined sequence of my rottweiler character barging in making a scene. Hence to say I was obsessed with character at the time as I was writing a series of stories about Wild Will and the A.E.S.M. On November 23 of this year Wild Will turns 4. I count that as his birthday because he made his first appearance. I still remember the story he first appeared in Cave Canem (Latin for Beware of Dog). I even remember how I came up with him in October during a boring library job.

In fact I have come up with many epic characters over the years many of them are displaced and have no story to call their own yet. I say they are epic characters because I haven’t forgotten them and they managed to stay with me through time.

Carly McNelson
Sam Benson
James Elison
Noel Edwards
Paul Berrdanelli
Clever Queen
Napoleon Zelaway
John Queensburry
Adventure Joe
Ruthless Roy
Copper Fielding
Oryan Nobel
Tom Brannigan
Sebastian Kat

Then there are others I have forgotten. I can remember some of them but because I forgot to write about them they disappeared into non existence. I can still remember my day dreams about my characters, the stories in my head. They are like distance memories almost life like and real, yet I acknowledge they were not real at the same time. Its quite odd and it irritates me to such and extent that I am angry with myself for not writing about these stories and characters. It’s as if I have let them down as though they were real. For some reason it seems that my imaginary characters somehow replaced my imaginary friends and have become important in my life. I worry that it sounds like I am a bit out there, but I understand what I mean.

In writing news: I wrote another chapter of Fizzy Lemonade, which is meant to be the sequel to Song of the Superheroes. I have another spin off planned too called Bamboozle Blues, but it is in the developmental non-writing stages. I wrote a poem. In fact it’s my first attempt at poetry in a few years…you can read it here. And So far Chapter 56 starts off like this…insert entire idea here! Wow I have made progress.

Breaking news: Ashleigh has been abducted by pregnant old lady men masquerading as Mormon Missionaries. They are holding her for ransom for vegetables, particularly cabbages. Philis attempted to save her but they weren’t interested in the pound of flesh she so graciously offered. She was also furious when the tried to convert her to Mormonism.

P.S. It's official, I am out of shape. I can’t even run to the corner store with out being puffed. If there was ever a zombie holocaust I’d be dead and zombiefied.

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Sinead O'Lachlan's Mum said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Mel-Dog-issa,

I readed your poem, it are cute and it sounds like you like this guy a lot -- after all you wrote a poem about him.

It's always interesting to go through archives of your own creativity, aren't it? Why I was only recently reminiscing about a Pokemon fanfic that I put a lot of energy into.

Mrs. Lachlan's Mum says she will mount (in the clean way) a rescue mission to recover Ashleigh from the pseudo-mormon Pregnant Old Lady Men and they really should get their own nerd NERDY retarded weird person instead of just taking one without his/her consent. She also says Jorge (Philis) is a fat lard and should have given them a pound of flesh since she could have just taken skin from her buttocks to replace the cut away flesh.

Your story about the door makes me want to are write a story.