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NERD nerdy retarded weird girl central...well mostly my mussings and random interludes whilst I am working towards getting a car and licence so my random adventures and time spent in Australia was worth while. It should be intersting Enjoy! While in Australia...I was sunburnt,went to Sydney and wrote my first novel. So far back in Canadia I have been couch hoping and meandering from city to city. More adventures to come. Hopefully they are as interesting as my Australia ones.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Entire Journalist!

It has been a long absence. Maybe is because uni is in full swing and I am busy or I am too engrossed in Harry Potters latest adventure.

It’s been a week and still no inspiration for Chapter 56…I am only 385 words in. I hope to finish the novel before the end of August.

Anyways did I mention that I am an entire journalist not a partial one? Well it’s not for certain yet but I started a work experience thing with The Morning Bulletin. I am unsure if it is an actual paid job or not but the story they assigned me was published in Saturdays paper. Yay! Ah yes and I did a street poll where I asked people “Where is the strangest place you ever slept?” Luckily I had no X-rated answers. Oh yes and the editor for some reason sounds like Prime Minister John Howard and the stories assigned and written by some reporters are quite strange. However, there were no disasters and everything seemed to go smoothly.

P.S. Frederick says Palmsie can’t play checkers now because it’s past his bed time.

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