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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Questions and Answers

It’s cold today and for some reason it is making me homesick. Apparently it’s the coldest day on record makes me question the logic of global warming.

But now I shall introduce to everyone my new obsession: Yahoo Answers.

Its fun because I can either be really serious or silly.

Here are some examples of questions I have answered.

Who agrees with me that Wikipedia is the sequel to the Bible?

You're a Bible sequel to Wikipedia!No it is not it’s more like a encyclopaedia of everything that is open to manipulation because anyone can edit it.

You’re Face!

Why did they built the great wall?

To keep the rabbits out!No, no just kidding it was to keep out the Mongolians...pretty much what everyone is saying.

Does running my hair dryer outside cause global warming?

I'll global warming your hair dryer outside :P Global warming is caused by an excess of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere produced by humanity, by the clearing of forests, the use of cars and energy. So I guess the energy you use to run a hair dryer could contribute in a small way. My suggestion use the sun it does just as good a job as a hair dryer.

How do you know that you’re in love?

I have always thought that maybe its different for everyone, but when I think of love sickness you cannot eat, when you think about them your stomach is nothing but butterflies and nerves, you can't sleep, you cannot stop thinking about them whether you want to or not, you dream about them, you hope you see them just to see them, you feel warm and fuzzy when they smile or talk to you and you feel constantly happy as if they were floating on cloud nine and nothing can bring you down to Earth. It’s almost a euphoric feeling. I could go on but I think you get the point. You'll definitely know when you’re in love.

Help with writing? I'm writing a novel and need some help coming up with a last name for one of my characters, Ace. If you have any ideas please help.

That's awesome your writing a novel!It’s hard to say what the last name should be. Sometimes it depends on the story itself. For instance I am writing a novel that is somewhat abstract and silly so it seemed to fit when I gave the characters silly names both first and last. It helps when the name fits with the personality of the character as well.This may sound really weird but the characters name usually just come. I always say listen to the character let them tell you what his last name is. I've also looked up historical figures and sometimes I look in the thesaurus for ideas as well as phone books. You can also choose names based on the meaning of the story and the character as a whole. It's all what is best for you as the author and your character.

And here are some questions I asked…

Did dolphins and whales ever have legs? This one would make Philis mad actually to be honest this made quite a few people mad. I guess there are plenty of Philis’ in the world. Actually when I asked this I had Chris in mind.

Is it true that Neptune has a vast inner ocean? Another Philis type angering question…

Can you use the word beautiful to describe a male? Or Is a strictly feminine word?

Fun stuff I say…I was chosen for two best answers yay! Go me!

Also I took down the pictures of Officer Octogenarian in case he sees my blog and thinks I am a psycho obsessed type, which I think I am for some reason. I had this entirely dastardly idea to invite him over for spaghetti bolognaise but I am not sure how to go about it. It would involve asking my flatmate for his number…and me sounding like a twelve year old girl. However, most people I ask think it’s a good idea...My reasoning I want to test the theory that the way to mans heart is his stomach to see if it works or not.

Chapter 54 is coming soon!

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