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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Imaginary friends what a concept!

Joan :)
Antonia :)

I made some more pictures :) They are of Antonia and Joan because I didn’t want them to be left out. I did the pictures entirely on Photoshop. What I did was outline the basic lines of the person in a photograph and then filled it in with colour…its not as complicated as it sounds.

Yes yes I am writing another blog entry…I am just spinning them out aren’t I? Actually I am writing today because it are a special day. I have been here ONE YEAR and FOUR MONTHS! It seems like yesterday that I came here.

Actually to take my mind of things that are bugging me lately and there are A LOT of things bugging me. I wrote a short story which I plan to submit for a short story contest. It’s called An Imaginary Love and it’s based on things that are happening lately and past experience with imaginary friends. I have mentioned my imaginary friends before in this blog but it was ages ago. Actually I am really interested in the concept of imaginary friends for some reason.

I found these interesting articles about the phenomenon called imaginary friends. Apparently its normal and imaginary or pretend friends are actually a good thing.

Joan your in my thoughts I hope you get better soon!

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