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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Describing my day. PROCRASTINATION!

Procrastination has still got the better of me…whether it’s playing solitaire or meddling with computer graphics

Here are some examples of my procrastination.

What do you think?

I would add more writing but my brain is on vacation, a sweet blissful vacation, where no one is invited except me.

But if you want some interesting things that I’ve done today…

I applied to teach English in Japan…I really want to go there now for some reason.

My mom wants to come for my graduation because she hasn’t missed a single one yet. Even though there have only been two graduations in my life time!

I’m worried that Carol is mad at me because I haven’t talked to her since February. FEBRUARY! That’s terrible!

Chris and I discussed the use of the word beautiful and the way it’s used particularly when describing a guy. I remember a time when my old flatmate Maria before she moved to a different flat. She would pay me out; sometimes get upset if I used the word beautiful to describe a guy, even if I was talking about Officer Octogenarian in my novel. So my question to you is, can you use the word beautiful to describe a man? Or is it a feminine word and the word handsome be used instead?

That reminds me I am obsessed with my novel! But those who read this blog probably already know that.

P.S. Yes, yes I know Chapter 49 isn’t finished yet….

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