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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Outside World

Today I finally got a bit done for my documentary about global warming. Phew! I interviewed some one in conservation. For some reason I thought she was a little old lady with a green thumb or a Rambo Greenpeace type with dreads…its interesting how stereotypes can get into your head.

Speaking of global warming I was searching around Google and found this. Apparently this guy, (who I might add is a misogynist) believes women’s vaginas are causing global warming. For some reason it made me laugh.

So I pretended to be a man because lets face how are they are going to tell on the world wide web of invisibleness? My code name: Cuthbert Higgensbottom… and My response was:

It’s too bad you don’t like vaginas. Perhaps you’re jealous that they don’t like you? Or maybe you’re threatened by femininity? Is there any evidence that penis’s don’t cause global warming as well? Seeing as this a global issue that affects us all we should be equal in the blaming of human genitalia. Does this also include vaginas from different animals inhabiting this VAGINA invested planet? Is there a scientific source other than your all knowingness?

I however have another theory:

A. you’re a big ugly and know woman would come near you or

B. Maybe it’s because you’re gay! GAY!

That is all

Cuthbert Higgensbottom

Well aren’t I ingenious and yes I just realised I said know instead of no…hmmm I wonder if that will show off my femaleness? Probably not? I don’t think my vagina is causing global warming. In fact I think that’s the strangest theory I’ve heard in my entire life. I also just realised this is the first time I used VAGINA in my blog or talked about any type of genitalia, but if you read my story you’ll find I used the word quite a bit, especially in the beginning chapters and it wasn’t meant to be sexualised, it was put there mainly for shock value or humours sake even.

So what else have I been up to lately? Hmmm well today I was told by the all knowing Justin ‘I don’t fit into the outside world nor can I exist in it.’ Apparently, like Jo I am suited for Academia, but that’s so not what I want to do! Maybe it’s true and if that’s the case maybe I shouldn’t have been born! This lovely comment was followed by others which stated what I should do with my oh so not fitting into the outside worlds type life, that “I should fuck off and see Australia!” That’s the first time I used the f word too now that I think about it. I have to say this, but I am seriously tired of Justin’s all knowing trying to be inspirational, but failing type speeches. I know he means well and he isn’t a bad person, but it’s annoying.

By the way Chapter 51 is on its way. I plan to work on it this weekend. If I am so inclined to do so, meanwhile why not review a random chapter say Chapter 38 or Chapter 19, maybe even Chapter 27?

P.S. I had my first kiss! But I broked Admiral Ogre’s heart :(

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