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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I wave at my money as flows down the drain….Goodbye Money Hello Debt.

Today has been a slow day. I finally have my student loan. Yay! So I will be able to study next term. Now the tuition is expensive for international students. I was telling this to my friend Becky in Canada about this. What she said made me really mad. Here it is in the script format.

Me: Guess how much my tuition is?
Becky: a lot?
Me thinking: Duh!
Me: Yessss!
Me: almost…$6500 Australian
Becky: ouch...
Me thinking: Obviously
Me: But it’s only… $5400 Canadian
Becky: true but still a lot of money…
Becky: down the drain…
Me: What’s that supposed to mean?
Me thinking: Grrr… how dare she say that.
Becky: I mean your spending lots of money and all its doing is gone to a waste down the drain not saving much aren't yeah?

I told my Grandma in Canada the one I call “Gram” Not the British one about it this morning on the phone, what my friend has said really bothered me. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, I mean she can’t even spell Australia right… This is how Becky spells it “austerila”.. he he that’s hilarious or just plain annoying. She’s the one who needs to waste her money on education not me. I suggest spelling lessons. And I though Carols negativity was annoying.

My Grandmas advice was.

Guess what? My friend said that the cost of tuition was a waste of money and it’s going down the drain.
Me thinking: Could I whine anymore.
Grandma: She’s probably jealous. You don’t need friends like that. It’s only a waste if you don’t do anything with it. (Uni degree)
Me thinking: Ah Grandma you are smart.

I started writing another story about Wild Will… Except I am in it, I thought it could be the A.E.S.M Chronicles. I wrote one for Amy, Chris and Antonia. The story I wrote for Antonia is Called Antonia French and the 12 Dozen Singing Koalaroos. I suppose I am the only one left. It feels kind of self centred to write about myself. So it will be about Justin and Joan. I think I will call it Wild Will and Melissa The Writer vs. Justin and Joan. P.S. Ruthless Roy. Actually it’s a re-write from a previous story. Let’s just hope Justin and Joan never read this story or my blog for that matter. In fact this story is so mean I don’t think I will show anyone. As it was a way to vent out my frustration. Well I’ll think about it. Perhaps I will edit to sound nicer. When ever I write my stories it always starts one way but it ends in a way I didn’t expect it too. When I started the story in February about Justin and Joan… they were named Jack and Jill. I was named Maria. Wild Will and his brother Ruthless Roy were supposed to come over and threaten to eat them and perhaps suggest that I move out. Now I re wrote it so it’s completely different.

I actually surprised myself today. Yesterday I was bored to I decided to clear off a shelf for the new flatmate as she will need somewhere to put her groceries and what not. The bottom shelf was full of stuff that I think used to belong to my old flatmate Shane. Anyways I found some old recipe books and I remembered Joan and the pie she wanted me to try and how she was busy baking and cooking. I figured she would make good use of them. I almost didn’t talk to her today. I was doing laundry today and when I walked past her unit she looked so sad. I decided I should cheer her up. I also found a dollars worth of change, but that is trivial stuff.

And thats what been happening. *The reader suddenly feels tired from reading Melissas blog that he or she falls asleep... then sues writer for boringness.*

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Amy said...

Hey Melissa! Sorry, but your friend Becky doesn't know what she's talking about. I don't think the money is going down the drain. When you grow older, your going to be able to tell your grand kids that you spent a few years in Australia, and plus you have experienced the cultural differnce etc etc. Plus, it is always good for a journalist to get out of their comfort zone, and i do think you have grown so much as a person and a journalist since being here! Plus, you could meet the love of your life...aka...Multimedia guy...and then becky would be insanly jealous cause you've snagged a cute aussie! All the money in the world couldn't buy those bragging rights! Guess who i met today? The best political jouranlist the Australian newspaper has ever had. He was amazingly smart and so politcally aware, i could listen to him for hours. I kept on thinking of you cause we used to always talk about the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian! Miss you heaps! LUv Amy