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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I haven’t quite lost it yet....and by that I mean the sudden homesickness

As of now I am working on an essay for my Reporting the Asia Pacific class, which is due on Friday. It sucks because I am supposed to have 500-600 words I only have 213. I think there is a multitude of reasons for this. . For one, it doesn’t help my friend Becky is talking to me online and secondly I am feeling very homesick.

Its official, today I have been in Australia for five months…consequently I am homesick today. I was in Cultural and Media Identity class and I had the inability to concentrate, first I thought about another assignment in a different class, my favourite show Futurama, then about my favourite drink back home, Frutopia…(tis the best juice ever) and how I wanted to go home and drink some. Then I thought about my Aunty, she an artist. I thought about her because they were bringing up art today in class. Well, government policy and its relation to culture and art. Curse them… This stupid class did it to me last week too. It also annoyed me because there was a French word in one of the readings and the tutor says, “can you read this…oh I forgot you don’t speak French.” Actually I can read French I just can’t speak it very well. And due to dual language packaging back home I could actually pronounce it, but she just assumed.

After class I met up with Chris…in which we went to McDonalds before his class. We discussed Carol. He says he wants to meet her. I could actually see them getting along. I told him about the msn conversation. He thought it was rather funny. I agree, as Carol has a bad habit of misinterpreting things.

Ah yes the msn conversation: Last night around 12 a.m. Carol came online…it was 8 a.m. her time yesterday. Anyways I was talking to Chris and we invited her into the conversation. Chris was being Chris, so it didn’t bother me that he was saying stuff like, “Carol, we want to make sweet sweet love to you.” Which I don’t, not to mention saying Carol was his closest childhood friend, amongst other things, but then he made a joke about Multimedia Guy, and Carol misinterpreted it. She thought I lost something. Which I didn’t to the best of my knowledge it’s still intact obviously; I am the only one who would know. That’s all I am going to say. Read between the lines people. Oh yeah I am not mad at Chris either, as it wasn’t intentional.

Yesterday was a good day. It was slow at work. It was so nice today. The sky was blue and I was trapped in a subs/sushi joint. I am slowly getting better at making the subs and sushi, but I noticed that the customers are still the same as back home. Stupid! Rude!

A new sushi place opened at the shopping fare. The owner Joe, seemed kind of worried about it, so he sent the other manager Susan over to spy on them I mean buy from them. So they could see the competition. She brought some sushi back and we all tried it. It tasted pretty darn gross. The seaweed (nori) was all chewy and tough and the rice was too dry. Mind you considering what I ate yesterday…it didn’t seem so bad. Joe didn’t seem worried though, apparently because the other sushi place is a restaurant chain. They can’t copy us, but we can copy them because they have strict regulations. Why would you want to copy them anyway? Is it not important when owning your own business to have something particularly unique different than others? I honestly don’t think they have anything to worry about…subs and sushi is an odd combination and well they have customer loyalty.

Oh yeah I figured out how to repay Louie for being nice to me. I bought her a chocolate bar. I remembered how she liked chocolate. Our conversation kind of went like this after she found the bar of Dairy Milk sitting by her door to her room.

Louie: Thanks for the chocolate Melissa
Me: You’re welcome Louie.
Louie: This won’t last the night he he…
Me: I got it for you because you have been so nice to me.
Louie: What do I get if I am not nice to you?’
Me: Bad tasting chocolate that you can’t eat.
Louie: Fair enough…I stick to being nice thanks…


Chris The Beatnik said...

Hi, Issa... I mean... Mel... I mean Issamel! Something, something, something... oh yeah, you're homesick... um... do you want a barf bag?

Amy said...

hey melissa!
Hope your assignent went well and i sincerely hope your still not homesick!
I would write more, but i've alreay had a big talk to you the other day and it's 12 20 at night and i'm tired!
Luv Amy