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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The unprepared and the apparently lonely Canadian

Hmmm….lets see, tomorrow uni starts. I feel so unprepared. I have barely looked at the course profiles and I haven’t even bought the books yet. I plan to get them tomorrow. I realize this time that no one I know will be the same classes as me. It’s kind of daunting. But I am sure I will be fine. Well Amy has two of the same classes as me, but she is Canberra. I guess I could be her distance tutor?

Oh yes work is going good. I realized that I put myself down a lot. Today I kept saying “I am dumb.” I know I am not. Half the time I don’t realize I am even saying it. There is a reason for this someone close to me said I was dumb so many times that I started to believe them. I know I am smart but I also know that I am negative and cynical.

I have a new roommate. She is nice. I was really nervous about meeting her, turns out it was the same way for her. I forget her name. I know it starts with a K or C and that she has been to Japan. I am jealous. She gave me these really cool bookmarks from Japan as well. She is also obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she kept mentioning how her room was small. Boo hoo! But I am obsessed with Futurama. I love Futurama. I miss watching Futurama with Carol. My room is just the right size and well Louie is still my top flatmate. I hope everyone gets along. It shall be interesting to see, but its all good she is only here for three months.

OK, this kind of made me mad. I don’t why either. The manager of the units where I live told my new flatmate and her parents that I am lonely, that I have no friend. I have heaps of friends and I don’t actually mind being by myself. So now the manager has pawned off some Japanese obsessed Australian, no offence and a lovely French girl name Sophie. So now I am the lonely Canadian girl named Melissa. I miss the days when I was Melissa, the cynical girl who had plenty of friends, didn’t mind being alone and wasn’t identified as Melissa Canadian. (No offence Chris or Amy. I mean that in a different way.) I miss being the Melissa I was in Canada. I know I have changed. I think I am suffering from some sort of identity crisis.

Ah yes I have started yet again another story. Hopefully I can keep writing them with uni and all. Anyways, this is a prelude to explain all the other stories. It explains why Amy changed her name, how Chris became crazy and the why and how Antonia’s passport was stolen. If you have no idea what I am talking about. I would read my stories blog…here. There all about Wild Will my infamous talking psycho rottweiler. Yesterday Chris dragged me to Big W because there was this book he said he should have bought me. The book was about Rottweilers…go figure. Yep I want a real rottweiler and I will seriously name it Wild Will. He he! Actually lately Chris and I discuss my Wild Will stories a lot. He says its cool how I am continuing the story and adding all these plots and it all started with writing Amy a story.

Shout Outs to my mates Chris and Amy!

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