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NERD nerdy retarded weird girl central...well mostly my mussings and random interludes whilst I am working towards getting a car and licence so my random adventures and time spent in Australia was worth while. It should be intersting Enjoy! While in Australia...I was sunburnt,went to Sydney and wrote my first novel. So far back in Canadia I have been couch hoping and meandering from city to city. More adventures to come. Hopefully they are as interesting as my Australia ones.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thank you again for voluntarily being a victim of my ramblings…

Yesterday today was good. I am actually excited about my new classes this term. I was also told that I talk too much in a nice way though. Louie is officially back as of yesterday and work went well.

On Monday I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It was a good movie. Johnny Depp is my favourite actor. It made me kind of homesick because Orlando Bloom is my friend Carols favourite actor and well I thought about that then I thought about Carol and so on a so forth. Yesterday was a good day. I hung out with Chris all day. It was fun. He made me laugh till I cried again that makes three times now. He talked about the story he is writing I talked about the one I am writing.

Today was OK. I was so tired I would have rather stayed in bed. My Cultural and Media Identity class is interesting, but I got confused because the tutor and the class went on about Australian stuff so I had no idea what they were talking about. This is when I imagined Wild Will storming through the ugly green door and yelling at everyone. Telling them to “Talk about stuff that isn’t confusing or he will eat them.” This proves that I am weird. I am the first Canadian that the tutor had ever met. She said she thought I was American because she can’t tell the difference….grrr…..I can! Yes I can because of being away from home I can recognise the accent better. Its weird.

I met a Canadian at work yesterday. His name is John. (No Chris not the John from my stories.)He is a regular customer. It was cool. I could talk about home and someone knew what I was talking about. He said Toronto right :) Australians over pronounce the “t” at the end. When a Canadian says it is sounds like “Torono” it depends on which part of Canada you are from.

Oh yeah I finished my fourth Wild Will Story. I’m on a roll. Actually it just occurred to me the that Wild Will was invented when I was 18 not 17. Not that it matters read the new story here.

Conversations between Chris and me part two of three billion…. Oh Yes this includes Antonia as well.

These conversations make no sense… but I think they are funny and when I read them I think it is hilarious.

That was a bit much...

Me: Die Chris I mean Hi Chris
Chris: Why jell-o Mel... issa...
Me: Whats up?
Chris: Hopefully, your legs.
Me: Shut up!!!
Chris: Sorry, That was a bit much.
Me: Yes yes it was
Chris: Ok... will you accept my apology?
Me: Yes of course I will
Chris: Nooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninoo!
Me: bum bum bum bubba bubba bum bum bum
Chris: Nooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninooninoo...
Chris: So what's new since last I saw you, Mel-issa?
Me: Not much... I met my new flatmate today
Chris: Is she hot?
Me: No she is not sorry Chris

You’re a long story….

Me: Yeah it’s a long story.
Chris: Oh dear...
Chris: YOU'RE a long story.
Me: So are you
Chris: Why don't you READ me then?
Me: Because you DON’T read me
Chris: Well, I would, it's just that I need glasses.
Me: You can borrow mine
Chris: Shooa, shooa.
Chris: But then whose glasses will you use to read?
Me: My spare glasses that I brought with me
Chris: OK, so I suppose this means everything is wrapped up in a neat little PECKIGE!!
Me: Yessssss
Me: sdfoipuen weih msp uw naFO [PIF NSA
Chris: I understand you completely.
Chris: To that I say ajfkdlc.cmvlajd'fka'irpi9ori23-93===== djfkldjafkdla .
Me: I understand you too sdpow3ru naptiw2-34098 na0s98340 93n SLKF N-0
Chris: I'm glad we understand each other.
Chris: dddddddd.

Titbits of information…

Antonia: Hi sweeties
Me: Hi Antonia
Chris: Nooninooninooninooninooninooninoo.
Antonia: I’m sorry...I was having dinner
Chris: What was for dinner?
Me:Did you read the story I wrote about you?
Antonia: rice, fish balls, sausages, vegetables
Antonia: yes,,i did...thx Melissa
Chris: Rice and sausages is tasty.
Antonia: I like the beginning part with Kinwai in it!!!!
Antonia: yes..absolutely
Me: Your dinner sounds tasty
Chris: Kinwai eats babies.
Antonia: yes…he does
Chris: Har-dee-har-dee-har.
Antonia: dar hee dar hee dar
Me: Yeah I am writing my next story about Kinwai. It’s a prequel
Chris: I'm reading about habitability on other planets.
Antonia: sounds interesting!!!!
Me: Why are you doing that Chris?
Chris: I feel like it... space creeps me out though.
Chris: I just want to read all about where Amy came from, you know.
Me: Space creeps you out? No way
Chris: Yes way.
Antonia: are funny
Chris: Why???
Me: I want France to win the world up
Antonia: no way!!!!!!
Chris: Yes way!!!!!
Antonia: My beloved Italy will be the champion
Chris: Amy will be.
Chris: Bollywood will win the world cup.
Me: I was just kidding Antonia
Chris: No she wasn't.
Me: Wild Will, will win the world cup
Chris: She wants to kill you.
Me: No Chris you want to kill her.
Me: Curse you Chris
Chris: No you want to kill her and eat everyone she cares about.
Antonia: Curse you Chris
Antonia: I know Melissa never does
Me: Wild Will does
Me: Oh no I can feel him trying to talk through me
Chris: You'd better listen to him, Melissa...
Chris: Or he'll come through your brain and you'll die and your head will fall off and birds will come and peck out your inside bits.
Antonia: Curse you Chris
Antonia: it’s terrible
Me: Wild Will: I love Antonia and I hate Chris
Me: Oh no I hear Joe
Me: Adventure Joe: hahahah Chris is a poopy head
Chris: Melissa's a doodoohead.
Me: Nooooooo Chris is
Chris: Nooninooninoo.
Antonia: hahaha
Chris: Antonia eats babies.
Me: therefore you are a tree
Antonia: Chris…you eat babies
Chris: And from all of these titbits of information -- Antonia and Melissa's differing ambitions for the outcomes of the World Cup, Melissa's two sets of glasses, my being creeped out by space and Antonia eating fish balls for dinner, we can only come to one conclusion...
Chris: And that's that Amy has dark hair.
Me: lol Chris...
Me: Wild Will: Your dumb I mean smart no dumb I mean smart no wait dumb
Chris: Chris: You're a doodoohead.
Me: Melissa: I am being plauged by b voices and bad grammar and voices and Antonia and possibly Chris
Chris: Nooninooninooninooninoo.
Antonia: ..........

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