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Friday, July 28, 2006

There is nothing happy about this.

My day started off with a text message from Chris saying, “Melissa wants to make sweet sweet love to you!” What the?

Yesterday was an OK day. I had my hair dyed its red and purple, but it is only temporary. It didn’t look like I wanted it too. I am glad I will be rid of it in 8 washes, but I think I am interested in getting it done permanently at the hair dressers.

I went to Joan’s house for her “girl’s night.” It was alright, but I was the gamma and being the gamma is being the passive aggressive follow everyone around type. We watched Suddenly 30, (called 13 going on 30 in Canada.) and Memoirs of Geisha. I also listened to Kayla’s know it all ramblings, because for some reason she thinks that Canadians were educated in American history and we only know the American side of historical events. That would be true if I were American, which I am not. We learn the Canadian perspective because it’s Canada. Unless she is grouping the entire continent of North America together as she commonly does.

Then during the party we had facials and one of the girls had an allergic reaction all because she didn’t read the label. Hmm… that is what they are there for.

I know his name now…it’s Multimedia Guy…actually its Josh. Funny he doesn’t look like a Josh. I pointed him out to Chris and he knew who he was. Chris said he was surprised. That’s how I found out his name. So now the mystery of Multimedia Guy is solved. And it’s proven that I didn’t make him up. I changed my mind recently, I don’t like Multimedia Guy anymore. I like an international student from Germany named Felix. Felix isn’t drop dead gorgeous. He is nerdy looking. I like Nerdy looking guys. I feel like asking him if he ever heard of Felix the Cat. He seems really quiet. I think he is taking microbiology at the uni. I want to marry a European. Ha ha just kidding. It would be romantic; two international students meet together in a foreign country such as Australia…one from Canada the other from some place in Europe. Who am I kidding I still like Multimedia Guy. Felix is made up....or is he? No he is real.

I finally see what Louie means when she says its hell living with three girls. Two is fine, but with three there is bound to be a clash. I see it as a power struggle, one of the girls is fighting for the position of Alpha, leaving the other two to defend for their position as Beta and Gamma. If you have a guy flatmate, he serves as the balance. It makes perfect sense.

Chris and I made up some more story lines about the imaginary Carol. I think she could be some pseudo character.

A customer drives up the pathway to a drive thru speaker box on a bright sunny day. He looks at the menu board intently.

You then you see Carol sitting at the drive thru window looking rather impatient.

Carol: Hello how can I help you today?
Customer: I’ll have a large Big Mac meal thanks.
Carol: You know Big Mac meals aren’t really that big. Its false advertising.
Customer: OK I’ll have a Quarter Pounder meal then.
Carol: Pounds is British money. Why would you use a quarter of a pound? That’s just stupid.
Customer: Umm…I’ll have a Happy Meal then.
Carol: Why would you want that there is nothing happy about them.
Customer: I’ll have one just the same thanks.
Carol: They should call them Crappy Meals.
Customer: They’re not crappy meals. They come with a toy.
Carol: Then go to Toys R Us. You get more money for your value and you don’t get fat.
Customer: Umm…isn’t it more value for your money? Anyways I’ll a cheeseburger with that meal. They’re my favourite.
Carol: Fine! have your crappy cheese burger meal.
Customer: drives up to the window.
Carol: Here’s your Crappy Meal.
Customer: Grabs the bag angrily. He drives off.
Another customer arrives at the drive thru.
Carol: Hello what can I get for you today? I mean go away.
The customer backs up her car. She backs into another car…then that car backs into another. All of a sudden there is a ten car pile up. The end.

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