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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Weirdness, eccentricity, tis an untamed art....the unintentional mistake

Aussie: What part of America are you from?
Me: Ummm…I’m Canadian
Aussie: Oh I’m sorry (looks like their embarrassed.)
Me: No its alright!

Ah yes a common, yet unintentional mistake made by Aussies, mistaking Canadians for Americans, all because of a stupid accent. Some Canadians get offended when you ask them if they are American. As for me, I imagined myself getting really angry because of it, while I was preparing for my journey, but I actually wasn’t. I felt offended, but I didn’t act like it. This conversation went on at work today. It was between me and a customer. She looked kind of embarrassed. I hope I didn’t sound too offended or anything. This reminds me of…

My first conversation with an Aussie named Chris:

Chris: You’re Canadian! Alanis Morissette is my idol!
Me: Oh cool
Chris: Do you like her?
Me: Yeah she’s alright…I prefer the Barenaked Ladies myself…(they’re a band not actually naked ladies)
Chris: I love her
Me: OK

Thursday was an OK day. I saw Multimedia Guy and for once I had a normal conversation. I really got to remember to ask his name. I had this thought I wonder if my friends think I made him up? Which I didn’t, why would I do that? Oh wells I know where to find him…every Thursday just before 10 a.m. because I am a stalker, no actually I think its coincidence. It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite where he makes up his girlfriend. I figured out why I act weird around guys I like…because I think I am worried that they will like me back.

Or conversation is as follows:

Multimedia Guy:
Hi (smiles)
Me: Hi (smiles and waves a little too eagerly.)
Me thinking: It’s him it’s him he he.
Multimedia Guy: How’s it going?
Me: Going good and you?
Multimedia Guy: Good. You’re not doing website design and analysis?
Me: No I hate Multimedia
Me thinking: Idiot! He’s a computer guy…why would I say something like that. I hope he knew I meant the class.
Multimedia Guy: Really? I thought you did well in it?
Me: I got a credit
Multimedia Guy: shakes his head disapprovingly as if to say “you hated it?” Oh you got sick of it and didn’t want to do it anymore?
Me: Yeah
Multimedia Guy: OK well see you later
Me: See you

I have three questions for him next week.

1. What is your name?
2. What classes are you talking besides…? (This is out of curiosity not for stalking purposes. I am actually curious if he is taking anymore Multimedia subjects)
3. And can I take your picture? (It could be quite possible I need one. I’ll tell him its for an assignment for class…when really its an assignment for the A.E.S.M. mwhahahahhahaa!)

I could see this imaginary conversation somewhere down the road…if I actually become friends with him at least. Hey I am thinking positive. I guess we are sitting in the computer lab at the uni.

Multimedia Guy: After reading this blog. Who is Multimedia Guy?
Me: Umm….he is you he he *coughs*
Multimedia Guy: STALKER! I mean why did you call me Multimedia Guy why didn’t you just ask my name?
Me: Ummm… it’s a name my friends came up with because I was too shy to ask you for your real one. Hey look its Chris!
Chris: Walks over to us Hi!
Multimedia Guy: Hi
Chris: Melissa wants to make sweet sweet love to you
Me: No I don’t

Multimedia Guy calls the police and files a restraining order, yeppers that’s my prediction for the future, but then I remind Multimedia Guy that I am an international student and in a few months he will never see me again. So all is well and I am on my way to being a journalist nun.

The previous night before I baked a cake and that’s about it, it was a good cake I shared it with my flatmates.

Yesterday was a good day. I went to shopping fare with Chris. Louie was cool and gave me a ride as she wanted to she wanted to buy movies.

I finally saw Ghost World. It’s a good movie, but it’s kind of sad in a way, but I can see why Chris likes it so much. Chris and I also played a writers game in which we eat wrote a paragraph of a story and then put it all together, but we couldn’t see what each other was writing. It turned out quite funny. We also talked as usual about all sorts of stuff. We talked about Carol. I want Amy and Chris to meet her.

Yep in case I haven’t mentioned this…Kayla is getting on my nerves. She is an insufferable know it all…trying to tell me about Canada. She came to my work to eat. When I got home she told me how the store should be run. She asks me questions about every little thing I do. I come home last night. Where were you and with who? And why are you doing this? She is like a vulture. As soon as Louie or I come out of our rooms, back in the flat from being out somewhere, she is there talking and talking, always about total crap. She and Joan would get along. And her laugh is annoying. I know these are stupid and retarded reasons not to like someone. It must be another love hate relationship.

This very conversation below proves how weird I am…of course I had some influence from Chris. Louie as I have previously mentioned has a movie collection of astronomical proportions. It all started with a text explaining the addition to her collection….this conversation continued for about three hours.

Louie: Now make it 327 DVDs!
Me: Cool! You movie loving fiend! Ha ha Chris says he wants to make sweet sweet love to you.
Louie: Hahaha! Sorry but he is a bit to young for me
Me: Chris says: What are you scared you might like it?
Louie: Tell him that size does count.
A little while later….
Louie: Found another seven movies! :)
Me: Put up your feet and eat some fried babies while you watch your movies. (Chris suggested this one)
Louie: OK, but I’ll pass on the fried babies, how about chocolate cake?
Me: Chocolate is fine. What about Chris? How about watching a slasher flick in which Joan and Kayla are the stars?
Louie: Ewww! That’s just wrong!
Me: No I meant a horror movie in which they die, in which its revealed that an evil rottweiler ate them.
Louie: Now that could be a good movie! When does it come out?
Me: When Joan doesn’t need a bullet and Kayla does, which will be next week.
Louie: Hahha! We can bury them both in the backyard.
Me: Ahahahaha! I’ll buy a shovel and a rottweiler and a gun.
Louie: Done deal
Me: Yep and we don’t even need dog food.
Louie: You two are sick! You’d make a wonderful couple.
Me: Chris says you and him would make a wonderful couple.
Louie: Hahaha! I got my come back. Tell him that size doesn’t matter, tell him experience does
Me: Chris says he is experienced or so he says.
Louie: Ha! I’ll believe it when I see it
Me: Maybe you have seen it. You just don’t know it and by that I mean CD collection
Louie: You’re a pair of twits.
Me: You’re a pregnant goldfish says Chris.
Louie: Do I look like a fish to you? At least I didn’t call him a dag
Me: To Chris you do, to me you look like a nurse
Louie: Oi you’re a very sad pair. You both need hobbies.
Me: Maybe perhaps I should stop texting you then.
Louie: Might be a good idea.

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Amy said...

Haha, your finally going to ask his NAME! And get his picture! Yes! do it! Do it! He seems like such a lovely guy! AWww...i just wish i was there to join in the stalk..i mean fun!!! Hehehehe! We're so silly! HOw's your job going? I'm so glad you got it, it sounds perfect for you! Do you still get the bad customers? ONe day one of the journos from the morning bully might walk in and you can tell them how much they suck..hahaha! Nah, i'm being mean, they don't really suck, their editor sucks. Anyway, miss you!