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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

If you can't think of anything smart to say just smile and wave!

Pictures of Chris....I'll call him Captin Bottlepop soft drink Chris...Yes thats it

My day started off bad. I had a bad headache, but everything else worked out.

I finally got my parcel from Canada. Everything I asked for was there. It’s like Christmas in July and it is July. I finally have my Futurama DVDs Woooo! Its like awesome.


I saw Multimedia Guy today! I was sitting across from him at the uni refectory. I had my camera with me but I thought it would be weird if I took his picture. Our conversation went like this.

Multimedia Guy: Hello waves and smiles
Me: Hi waves.

Yep folks that’s exactly it. I left before I could say something stupid. Well I actually I had class or else I would have attempted to talk to him.

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Amy said...

MELISSA! Next time take a picture! I need to see if i know his face!'s weird seeing pictures of you and chris and knowign i wasn't there to share in the fun!! I love these ones though!
Luv Amy
P.S. My first by line is at this link