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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Farwell Amy Aussie. My favourite Aussie Animal

Do you think dreams can predict the future? This may sound odd but, I dreamt two nights ago that I watched Amy leave from my back door. This morning I did just that and she was wearing the exact same clothing. She was wearing a purple sweater. I hope Amy isn’t mad at me for not coming.

I am horrible I was supposed to come and see her off to the airport but, sadly I slept in. So I was only able to give her a hug good bye this morning. She looked really happy. Now I have to wait to see her in September. Now I am stuck with Joan. Screams! Ha ha ha just kidding!

I love Koala’s here are some of many pictures I have taken of them.

Koalas remind me about Adventure Joe... read about him here.

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Amy said...

Guess what? I have tried to comment to this entry twice, and each time it hasn't let me so hopefully i'll be third time lucky! haha- that's weird about your dream, i like your dreams...i think you must be part psychic!! I wasn't mad at you for not coming, it was actualy probably better cause i got to say good bye to you one on one! I watched the movie over and over again! I adore it, but i must favourite part is the ending! THat Buddy Holly song is perfect!!! Im gonna miss you!
Luv Amy