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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

“You’re a woman; you’re a reporter, that makes you the biggest busy body on the planet.”

Its seems strange to write in this blog after 10 months. Holly cow!

Anyways, I usually write on Kiwibox

I have always thought that, to dream is important, but to accomplish it is even bigger. I was wanted to go to Australia. It was Grade 5, a rough year. It was third new class, my mom brother and I moved a lot.

This was the year I was introduced to the most fascinating things I had ever seen, flipped flopped seasons, funny accents and wicked cool animals. It was then that I thought to myself, man I got to go there some day. Here I am 11 years later, living in Australia.

I also remember my adopted grandma Betty, telling me about how my adopted aunt Betty Lou went to Australia and how much she loved it.

When I was 14, my mom bought some 80s movies from the local Wal-Mart, Throw Mama Off the Train (funny movie, I recommend it.) and Crocodile Dundee, a movie about a socially eccentric Australian, Mick Dundee. A journo falls in love with him and they have this cool adventure. When I first saw it, I didn't really like it, but when I got older it became one of my favourite movies. I had a thought that I would meet an Australian husband. I am almost there I am a journalist and I am in Australia.

My favourite line in the movie is "You're a woman; you're a reporter, that makes you the biggest busy body on the planet."

When ever I heard someone say Australia I would get a jolt of excitement right in my heart. It's as if I had a crush, love sickness. People always told me how much they loved it when they went Down Under. I wanted to be one of people who comes back and says the same thing.

I find it ironic that my first trip overseas far away from home was Australia.

The idea of going to Australia got me through college, got me though tough months at Burger King and McDonalds. I never knew what it was like to achieve a dream until now. It felt so weird when the plane landed in Brisbane, hearing the funny accents, getting lost in the international airport. I felt disorientation, from finding my way to the domestic airport to finding the train to get there, all of my belongings with me.

Tomorrow I shall update what has happened since I arrived in February :)

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Amy said...

hey melissa!
You write so well! And I want you to find that Australian husband..but we'll find one cuter than paul hogan! I'm looking forward to reading both of your blogs through the hols!! I'm supposed to be studying but it's so darn hard!
luv amy