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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A three day update.... boringness guaranteed

Lets see Sunday went well. I had a good day. The story I was writing, was for my friend Amy. I was going to wait till Monday when Chris gave Amy her going away present, but I decided to show it to her early. Amy loved the story. It was a Wild Story. It was littered with inside jokes. That only Amy, Chris and I would understand. I think my next story will be for Chris. Read here
Amy and I went to see our Indian friends Raj and Yogi. Raj invited us for dinner. The only thing is he never told us it was a birthday party. There were nine Indians and two girls, the two girls being Amy and I. We had Indian food, which consisted of curry, rice and flat bread. It was spicy. I felt like my mouth was on fire. Amy seemed to like it more than me. Through out the night Raj kept trying to offer me a beer. I said no three times. It was funny.

They also had a lecturer over from the IT program at the uni. He kept singing “Oh Canada.” I think he was trying to get me to sing it too. And once again I was asked why I choose Australia. I first said “I am sick of people asking me” but then I realized it was a bit rude. So I added. “I think it was for the experience.”

I never told Yogi Amy like him because Amy changed her mind. Thank goodness. It would have been really awkward. The strange thing is when Yogi came in the room I felt excited for her. She can never see anything bad about Yogi. Well, they do say love is blind. No offence Amy.

I spent the day with my friends Amy and Chris and Chris’s friend Kate. We went to the shopping fare (mall). It was fun, because we ended up siting in the middle of the floor in a heavy traffic area until the security guard came to up to us. We ended up seeing the same security guard four times.

I bought my brother Tony a State of Origin t-shirt. Ah but what is the state of origin you ask? Actually I might have said in previous entries but, basically it’s a rugby match between the Australian states of Queensland, the Maroons and New South Whales, the Blues. They play three matches every year. It is the best out of three. I had to buy him a maroon coloured shirt because Amy said she would seriously disown me as a friend. I think that was a joke. I hope… My brother looks better in blue, but its cases like these that colour matters. Perhaps I should go buy him a blue one when Amy’s not looking… ha ha just kidding. But then again, I mentioned this to Louie today and she said it didn’t matter which colour shirt I got because I am not from Queensland. I am neutral because I am from Canada.

The four of us were going to make another movie but, Amy had to go home early. Ah the fun… we have. I ended up watching Chris and Kate do there version of Dangerous Liaisons. It was funny.

Amy ran into Joan but she didn’t want to tell her that we were hanging out with Chris. Chris, who she calls CK is her friend as well but, it’s a different friendship than me. You see I think she likes Chris because, she likes the idea of having a gay friend. I like Chris because he is a writer and we can talk about writer stuff that I don’t think many people would understand. His sexuality has nothing to do with my friendship with him. I think that’s important. I don’t want to label. Unfortunately, I think I have already done that in some case. I am going to try not to do that from now on.

It was raining I don’t mind the rain, but the only problem is you get really wet. I had a job interview. Yay! I had to take the bus because of the weather, otherwise I would have walked. The bus drivers were grouchy. The interview went good. I hope I get the job. The owner seemed really nice. He is South Korean, but he had an Aussie accent. It was a Korean accent mixed with an Aussie accent. That’s the best way to explain it. He was really nice he gave me a lift home because of the rain. He said they would look forward to working with me and that he likes my Canadian accent, but they’ll call me. Back home that means sorry we’re not interested.

Today a.k.a. Wednesday:
Anyways so far my day has gone well. I went with my flatmate Louie on our fort nightly shopping trip. (Fortnightly means every two weeks.) We usually go every Wednesday. I bought some post cards for my mom and grandma. I also bought two books, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Shadow of the Giant. Shadow of the Giant was written by the same guy who wrote Enders Game. So I am sure it will be good. The only thing is that this book is the end of the series, but I remember my aunt and uncle saying that each book is a separate story and you could start anywhere. I think I will ask them about it again. If so I will try to find the rest of the series. I am jealous of authors and novelists; they can create such wonderful brilliant stories. I hope one day I can do that.

Ah Louie, whose real name is Louise, my flatmate… she now has 285 movies. She has three shelves full of them and their all alphabetized. It’s awesome because she lets me borrow them. Her movie taste is almost simular to mine. There are a few movies that I don’t like. I think I hit the jackpot when I moved into the unit I did. Louie is awesome. She came here to and took me shopping today and she didn’t even have too. I told her thank you that I wanted to pay for petrol but, she said “That’s OK I don’t mind. I had to come into town anyways.” Not to mention letting me watch all her movies and use her dishes because I don’t have any of my own. I really did luck out. I wish there was some way to show my appreciation.

I found out why I am having troubles getting a job. In Australia, they have different rates of pay based on age. Those 21 and over are more expensive labour. Also, employers are more likely to choose their own over a foreigner and there are work restrictions on my visa. I am only allowed to work 20 hours a week and full time hours between semester breaks. If I am meant to get this job I will. If I am not, then I am not, simple as that.

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Amy said...

Awww...I really really hope you get the job! It would be amazing if you did! It sounds like you made a good impression...I mean, he said he looked forward to working with you! That's got to be a plus! I think he would be more likely to hire an international student because he was once an international student himself, so if you get the job, he should be pretty understanding! And you'll get to get half price on the subs...yumm!!!
Yes, I am blind to's very sad actually.
Louie is amazing, i want her as my flat mate! And all her movies!!
I enjoyed chatting to Joan, it was good seeing her again after a while. She dresses really nicely, i sometimes wish i had her fashion sense! But oh well! I do agree that she must like Chris for the gay thing, I actually forget that Chris is gay most of the time cause he's not really sterotypically gay, although he does play up the femininty abit! But again, that's why i love him!