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Friday, June 09, 2006

The typewriter goes Nooninooninoo. If I have a kid it will be named Melissa... if its a boy

Here is a summary of the last couple of days.

Thursday night I went the show with Amy, Chris, Antonia and Kin Wai. It was great. The show was fun, I took heaps of photos. We didn’t go on any rides we just walked around. It was still fun though. I feel like I have known Chris and Amy for years. Antonia and Kin Wai (I hope I spelt his name right) are cool too, Amy Chris and I walked to fast so we had to stop for them for another time. Kin Wai really likes Antonia, but she doesn’t like him back. It’s a shame because they look perfect together. There were also fireworks and lots of happy people. I filmed the fireworks on my camera. Also what I call cotton candy, the Aussies call fairy floss. I like that name better.

My friend Chris says the funniest things: We were waiting for Antonia to get pizza after the show, when all of a sudden he said. “When I have a kid I’ll name it Melissa… if it’s a boy.” Everyone burst out laughing. If anyone else said it, I think it would be different. Chris made me laugh so hard I cried. He kept pulling me hair and saying “curly, straight, curly, straight.” He says he is an attention hog. I think he is the personality type that automatically brings the attention. I like him a lot. I took lots of photos. Chris must think I am obsessed with him.

Yesterday I slept in till 2p.m. I really shouldn’t do that. I hate sleeping in because it feels like I waste my day away. I did nothing constructive, except maybe debate on what to wear .

Last night Chris, Antonia, Kin Wai and I went to the bird cage bar at the uni. Amy couldn’t go because she got in trouble for staying out to late the night before. I wondered why, but then it occurred to me that she is 17 and still liable to get in trouble with her folks. Oh wells I took photos for her. I also met Chris’s mom, she is nice. He looks like her. Anyways I thought it was funny, when she said she thought that everyone in Canada spoke both French and English because where were a “two language country.” The only other Aussie to ask me that was my flatmate Louie. I know some French but not fluently. I wish I did though.Chris and I arrived early so we decided to go to the college res to find Antonia and Kin Wai. We got lost. It was then that I pointed out that it was like one of those scenes from a horror movie. So Chris and I decided to talk about stuff they would talk about right before being killed. It was funny. He said it reminded him of the Simpson’s episode where about Bart and Sideshow Bob.

We eventually headed back, and they were waiting for us. Poor Chris he had to be breathalysed in order to come in because he is still a minor or as the security guard said “blow in the bag.” Them Aussies are clever with their words aren’t they? I felt bad for him so I bought him some a jug of Coke, also for the others as well. It lasted a minute and just filled up four glasses for each of my friends. It cost $5 too, what a rip off. They sure know how to bleed students dry. We didn’t stay long at the Bird Cage because we felt out of place. Chris said we looked like the characters from Napoleon Dynamite. He decided that we should be called N-Dynamos.

We then went to McDonalds, where Chris helped my finish my mocha frappe. Nooninooninoo! Chris started it this expression. That’s all we said last night. It was fun, but it felt weird without Amy. Chris and Antonia agreed, usually it’s the four of us or Antonia, Amy and I or Chris, Amy and I. There has been only one other time when there was no Amy and that was in the last week of classes, where Chris, Antonia and I went with the other Chris to Subway. Ah yes the other Chris, I don’t know much about him, he wears glasses and he has blonde hair. It’s cool because he has been to Canada. If I ever mention him again, he’ll be Chris who has gone to Canada. No just kidding.

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Lidia said...

hey melissa!
yes, i wish i hadn't missed the birdcage would have been fun! I'll have to give you my USB so you can put all your pics on it for me! I love our little group, it's so awesome! I'm gonna miss you all so much! Hope your day was as constructive as mine today, i meant to go shopping to start preparing for Canberra but all the shops were closed because of the Queen's birthday. Stupid Queen. Grr...I was annoyed, so my day was wasted but oh well! i hope yours went well!
luv amy