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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The fun never stops, except when friends leave. Just look at the little toe? It’s "the Weekend"

On Friday I had this story idea in my head all day and it is drove me crazy. I kept forgetting to write it down, so I thought about it all day in hopes I wouldn't forget it. It’s under wraps and secret. I am not telling.

Yesterday was a good day, yet sad at the same time. Antonia left today. She loved her going away present. She started to cry as soon as she saw it. Amy and Chris wrote her letters. I didn’t I felt bad for it because I probably should have written one. I bought her a card though and had all her friends sign it. We also went to the McDonalds where we first met as a group. It was kind of cool. Amy bought me lunch, so I bought her a sundae. I feel like I am mooching off of her, because I say I don’t want to buy anything because I am an international student, so I am trying to be careful with money. So she will offer to “shout” for me. This means to cover the costs. I am not that bad off yet. I am just really paranoid when it comes to money. I just hope Amy doesn’t think I think I say it to get free meals because I am not.

Lots of other stuff happened too. On the way to McDonalds we walked by a cemetery, in which I was asked if I wanted to be buried or cremated. I am not really one to talk about death. But Amy brought up the point that I am going to have to do it one day… that’s a scary thought. For instance Kin Wai insisted that you can tell a pure Chinese person by their little toe. What the? He explained it but I still don’t understand how.

I thought it was funny, when Antonia said I was normal because I went to bed at 11 or 12 at night and Amy goes to bed at 10 at night. Yes and I am normal because I sleep in till 11 and Amy wakes up at 6 in the morning. Amy and I are so much alike yet so different. She is pleasant and lovely and I am cynical and sarcastic, what a combination.
Antonia said that I will be the first to be married. Amy, Antonia and I are all supposed to go to each others wedding.

I might finally have a job. Amy’s friend Sophie got promoted to manager of a sub and sushi place. I gave her my resume. Apparently she had me in mind. Wow I guess it is a good idea to share embarrassing history about McDonalds and Burger King. I really hope I get the job. I need one. There is a music store hiring but, if I want a ride there I had to be up by 8:30 a.m. The unit manager where I live offered to take me there. I think I will tell my friend Chris about it. He is a music fiend.

I never got up at half past eight. I slept in till 9:15 so much for job hunting. I might as well be a poor international student. It was nice of her to offer to take me and then I totally sleep in. What else is sad is I went back to sleep till 2 p.m. It must have been all the walking we did yesterday.

Tomorrow I am going to dinner at my East Indian friends Raj and Yogi’s house with Amy. It is “the weekend.” Amy has a crush on Yogi and she wants me to tell him for her. It feels kind of awkward. Her reasoning is if Yogi says he doesn’t like her back, then she can stop crushing on him. It’s funny watching her talk about him. On Wednesday, when Amy, Chris and I were at Hungry Jacks, she got all giddy and excited. I remember the days when I had crushes. Except I never ever told anyone.

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Amy said...

Hey Melissa!
Yes, i feel kind of sad because I won't get to see my friends all again...last night when i was droving home, i felt incredibly depressed and I went straight to bed but couldn't actually fall asleep til 1:30 am!! It's horrible! I had fun last night, although the akward silences were rather...akward. I did enjoy seeing yogi though!! hehehehe! I hope my family never reads your blog!
Oh and i loved my story. I'm gonna miss your stories, but i'll keep spamming your blog when i'm bored!