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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Multimedia Guy, Indian Curry and more…”Let me capture a snap!” I'll tell you about my day.

I am holding my friend Carol to her plans to come to Australia. So I made a banner. Don’t be surprised if you see it on my blog every time I post. Mwhahahahahaha! There escaping it Carol. Hopefully she reads my blog. I would rather be bugged by Carol than anyone else in the world, including Chris and Amy of course.

Anyways I was reading my new book One Hundred Ways to Say I Love You. It’s a good bye message. I thought it was really beautiful. My opinion on love has changed from reading this book, because I had it in my mind it was the Hollywood view of love, you know the sappy romance, where boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they fall in love, they live happily ever after. I have come to the conclusion that love is more deep than that. I believe it can include more than just a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, but can reach as far as family, including the dog or cat, friends, whether you meet them when your young or old and maybe even people you have never met yet. It’s not that there degrees of love just different ways comes about. Its hard to explain.

Shake hands, we shall never be friends,
all over;
I only vex you the more I try.
All’s wrong that ever I’ve ever done or said,
And nought to help it In this dull head;
Shake hands, here’s luck, goodbye.
But if you come to a road where
Or guilt of anguish or shame’s to
Be good to the lad that loves you true
And the soul that was born to die for
And whistle and I’ll be there.

Alfred Edward Houseman

A Multimedia of things to tell….P.S. Wild Will Rocks Amy’s Socks.

I was awoken at 8:50 this morning. The reason: Joan was looking for a whisk. She was making lemon pie. She wanted to know if I had an electric beater, I told her Louie might have one, but she may not want me to lend it out without her permission. I also upset Joan because I accidentally told her about Amy’s farewell party. She wasn’t invited because Amy’s parents don’t like Joan. I felt really bad. I guess that’s what happens when you are still half asleep. What an interesting start to my day.

So I decided to stay up seeing as it was 9 a.m. much too late to go back to bed. I called call my grandparents at a decent hour. It was only 4 p.m. their time. I always forget and call them at 3 p.m. my time which is like 10 p.m. their time, much too late for grandmas and grandpas. Ha ha just kidding. I called them to let them know I had a job. Anyways, here is proof, my grandparents want me to get married.

Me: Hi Grandpa, I have good news for you.
Grandpa: Really what is it?
Me: I have a job now.
Grandpa: Oh I thought it would have been you’re getting married.
Me thinking: What the hell? I have only been here four months.

My bikes been fixed. Yay! It works better than when I first got it. I finally found someone to help me repair it today. His name is Lindsay he is one the complex managers. I thought I had fixed on Saturday but, it went back to its previous condition, not to mention the seat came right off the bike, just before I got to work. Now the seat is higher and the tires are fuller of air. I plan to take my bike for a test drive to the post office. The funny thing is I was trying out my bike with out my shoes earlier and I stubbed my toe. It was only because I pushed on the breaks to quickly and because my sandals kept calling off my feet. It hurt, now I have battle scars to add to the others since I have been in Australia. It wasn’t as bad as the sunburn I got in April mind you. It was then Lindsay educated me on proper ways of breaking and stopping with my bike. I felt kind of silly because I didn’t know this.

Yesterday was also my first day of work. I work at Express Subs and Sushi. It went really well I had what I call a Murphy’s Law day, where everything went wrong, except it happened before and I started work. I slept in, left later than I should have and on the way there my bike fell apart. I almost clipped a curb because the drivers in Rockhampton are terrible, don’t worry they just as bad as where I used to live in Canada. I also felt sick the whole way there. But once I started everything went perfectly smooth. It was really weird, I never messed up at all. The only thing was nervous because after all it was my first day. It was cool I learnt to make sushi, including the rice used to make it. I was even allowed to try a piece. It tasted really good. I think it started off well because they showed me how to do dishes, which I think anyone can do. Its sweet they have a dishwasher. McDonalds and Burger King, where I sadly used to work, I had to wash it all by hand. I like my new job more because it’s not a structured as my old ones it has a local feeling to it. It’s special because it’s not a giant corporate chain.

Last night Amy and I went yet again to see another friend, Romey, along with her friends Becky and Lisa. We had curry again, it was just right. It wasn’t spicy, and it wasn’t too weak. I was full, and they kept giving us food. We watched Romey’s sisters Indian wedding. It was really beautiful. Then we watched a Bollywood film called Dhoom. It was a cool, it was an action film, but they had singing and dancing as usual. I thought the actors and actresses were gorgeous.

I also saw my friend Muzzy, which is merely a nickname. Amy reckons that he likes me. I like him, but I don’t like him. It’s hard to explain. It was fun talking to him because he has been to Canada and we could talk about Canada stuff and no one had any idea what we were talking about. Muzzy the last time I had seen him died his hair flaming red, this time it was purple with blue tips. I think his hair might fall out. When the others took pictures, which Romey called it “capturing a snap.” Muzzy made a point to put his arm around me. It felt really awkward. Romey also made Amy mad because she says he was trying to hit on Lisa, which I think is totally crossing the line.

And now for a brief interlude…. some pictures or shall I say, some snaps.

This is Amy and Kumar at her good by party.

That’s tops….

Miss Monkey face…

Oooohh I am actually smiling.

Amy and Romey.
And now the story continues…P.S Wild Will

The previous night I went with my friend Amy to see our friend Kumar, his nick name is Rocky, because he used to box when he was younger. It was fun, we had chicken curry and listened to Indian music and just talked about stuff.

I made the mistake of rambling on about an Aussie guy I kind of sort of like. My friends and have nick named him Multimedia Guy, because I was dumb and didn’t ask his name I can’t seem to talk to him, it’s so stupid. Multimedia guy is really cool and I when I try to talk to him I feel embarrassed and awkward. In fact he isn’t in Multimedia he is in IT, but taking the same Multimedia class as me. It’s a core subject, meaning we both had to take the rotten class. I am going to try and hunt him down next term. So I can at least find out his name and stop calling Multimedia Guy. Amy and I were going to do that together, but she is going to Canberra.

For example this happened a month ago, after a Multimedia lab.

Multimedia Guy: Is it busy in there?(referring to last tutorial a lot of students are preparing for the evil third assignment) He is drinking coffee. He he I like coffee.
Me: Yeah…mumbles a little
Me thinking: Duh. Note to Melissa say something constructive and non stupid. Don’t mumble.
Multimedia Guy: Oh rightio
Me: squinting because I came out a dark building the sun was in my eyes. I haven’t said anything stupid yet.
Me thinking: Damn sun argh! Say something don’t just stand there looking at him.
Long exaggerated silence.
Me thinking: Ah what awkward silence.
Me: The sun is sure bright. Its burning my eyes probably because I came out of the dark building.
Multimedia Guy: says nothing, but kind of grins. Hopefully he thought I was just being shy or said something weird on account of brain drain, due to ridiculously hard assignments.
Me thinking: Idiot! I am getting the hell out of here before I embarrass myself anymore.
I walk a way feeling really annoyed with myself.

That’s what happened pathetic isn’t it. I am doomed. I can’t seem to talk to the male species it’s really frustrating. As soon as I think I kind of sort of like someone or almost kind of sort of like them, I get fumble mouth and proceed to say something totally obvious or ridiculous. It’s not fair! I told my friends about it, they laughed. As they should it is well deserved. I think I am going be celibate and eventually be a nun, a journalist nun.

Perhaps I will ask for Chris’s help. On second thought no I won’t he will probably say something weird, such as this imaginary conversation in the event that I find him again.

Multimedia Guy: How’s it going?
Me: Going good
Me possibly thinking: Let’s try to say something comprehensible here.
Me: This is my friend Chris.
Chris: Hello Multimedia Guy.
Me: Smiles awkwardly.
Me thinking: Urgh if only I knew his name.
Multimedia Guy: Oh rightio. Probably wonders why Chris called him Multimedia Guy. My name is ….
Me possibly thinking: Yay I know his name. Note to self tell Amy…
Chris: Melissa wants to make sweet, sweet love to you!
Extremely awkward silence
Me: Blushes uncontrollably. I run away and avoid Multimedia Guy for life. Curse you Chris!

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Amy said...

Oooo....long entry, which warrents a long reply! First off....OH MY GOSH! You told Joan?? Oh no, i feel incredibly bad. Maybe i should have invited her, it wouldn't have been that bad. oh, i hope she doesn't think i did it on purpose....oh no. Haha, your grandpa wants you to get married! That's hilarious! And i'm glad your bike is fixed. It sucks that you've had so much trouble considering how much you paid for it! Now your gonna be fit, tanned and terrific after all the riding you'll be doing! Yes Mozzie is funny, he's a weird boy. Oh, and I am still mad at Romey, he woke me up again this morning with a text at 4 am..does that guy ever sleep? Haha, Kumar's house was fun and it was cool talking to Rohit cause Rohit is smart. And i love hearing about multimedia guy...I so want to meet him. I wonder what he would think if he knew we talk about him so much and we barely even know him! I love the ending...Chris can sure be embarressing. I want to make sweet sweet love to you...curse you chris! He's such a dope! I hope I get to meet Carol. I've heard so much about her. Maybe instead of going to japan you can travel down to Canberra *hint hint*
Luv Ya!