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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Weird Conversations between Chris and me….Part 1 of a billion

This is Chris...

Chris and I have bizarre conversations from time to time. These are some of many. I love talking to him. One minute we can have a silly conversation, then before you know it we can have an in depth conversation. These are the silly ones.

This was the night we went to the Bird Cage bar. We were walking in the dark and I mentioned how it was like horror movie scene. Joan is my old flatmate. There is a joke between my friends and I that I don't like her.

Chris: Oh no its Freddy Krueger!
Me: Oh no
Chris: Oh no its Chucky
Me: Whoooo Chucky, Hey look its Jason
Chris: and there is Michael Myers
Me: Ahhh…
Chris: Oh look there is Joan
Me: Ahhh…. (pretends to run away.)
Chris: Yes and she is suspended in mid air. (Strikes a pose) And appears from behind a bush.
Me: Yes and she says (Mocks Joan’s high pitched voice) Hi Mel. I mean sorry Melissa.
Chris: She is holding a large knife and she says (imitates Joan’s high voice) you want brownies? She is actually holding a pan of brownies.
Me: No thanks.
Chris: Look there is Kin Wai and he is holding spatula and he says (imitates Kin Wai )Want Pizza?
Me:Oh look there is Chris and he says “meat pie”
Chris: Nooninooninooninoo!

This came about when Chris, Antonia, Kinwai and I were at McDonalds one night. This is not meant as offence to Gandhi.

Chris: I want to make sweet, sweet love to Gandhi.
Me: Well Gandhi doesn’t want to make sweet, sweet love to you.
Chris: Well Gandhi can go fuck herself.

This is from a text message conversation we had…I am not sure if toximopological help is even real and I have no idea which political opinions he wanted. The gist of it was Amy and him wanted to hang out with me..

Chris: Hi Gandhi we want you to come to the refec because we need your political opinions.
Me: Sure but is the bus running today? I was told it was holiday. If so I’ll be there by 12.
Chris: Stay where you are help is on the way.
Me: OK whose help am I receiving? And which kind, mental or physical help?
Chris: You’re receiving toximopological help from Christ on Calvary

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Amy said...

Yes Yes. i remember that text conversation! Chris doesn't like being normal does he? That's what I absolutely adore about him! Haha, it's funny how we are all so different and yet we get along so incredibly well!
Luv Amy