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Monday, June 12, 2006

The tale of the awesome weekend - Lonely horses and those six white boomers

I had my friends over for the day. It was raining hard the perfect day to hang out. Chris brought the movie Carrie over to watch it was great. We ate fattening foods and just talked. Then we started goofing off. We used my digital camera to film a short movie. It was improv. It was fun and weird. It started off with Antonia coming out of the fridge, me disappearing, Antonia being poisoned from drinking poison lemonade to Chris being the murder. We also just talked about stuff. I am going to miss my friends we can talk about anything. Chris also helped me with my screenplay that I want to write. He says its sounds interesting, that it could be an art house or independent film.

Amy stayed over after the sleep over. We watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. I thought it was gruesome, but in an artistic way. Amy loved it, she thought it was original. We spent a lot of the day talking. We also went for a walk to find the horse that lives near my place, but he was mysteriously absent. Amy says I am obsessed with the horse.

Ah yes the horse that lives down the street. I find this odd because there is this horse that lives on a suburban street. He is all by himself he looks lonely and sad. I love horses. I wonder what its name is. At one time I wanted to be a veterinarian. There is too much science involved so I think I will marry one instead.

I love animals. I remember being fascinated by the animals in Australia. My favourite song at Christmas is Six White Boomers. I would always wait to hear it on the radio. I miss those days. This year will be my first Australian Christmas.

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Amy said...

Hey ya! Yes, i do believe you are obsessed with that horse! there used to be horses in the paddock across the road from my house..yes there is a paddock across the road from my house..i keep on forgetting you haven't been to my house. You'll have to come over one day when the house is clean! Guess what? I wanted to be a vet when i was younger too!! Up until I was 12 and then switched to forensic scientist!! Did you want to be one of those too?