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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Go away I hate you because your a dinklehead!

It has come to my attention that I have never included Kate in any stories I have written, the two main stories being Wild Will and Carol. I really wasn’t meaning it as an insult or anything. Hmmmm…..I have a story it is as follows:

Carol meets Melissa’s Aussie friend Kate for the first time.

Melissa: Hey Carol this is Kate
Kate: Hi Carol!
Carol: Hello!
Melissa: She is one of my one of my many Aussie friends.
Carol: Friend? Melissa I am your ONLY friend. I am fat so you’re not allowed to have anymore friends because you’re friendship circle would be filled up by me…and Chris…
Melissa: Carol! What about Amy? Chris?
Carol: Melissa! You know those stories offend me…
Melissa: What Stories?
Carol: You know Amy and Chris vs. Boobies, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and Jill, Fergus the Big Brown Dog and The Attack of the 150 Foot Boy.
Melissa: I am pretty sure those weren’t stories.
Awkward silence
Carol: I don’t like you Kate
Kate: Why?
Carol: You know
Kate: Yeah well you’re stupid, a big stinky poo poo face…. in the pants.
Carol: Noooo Peoples faces can’t be made of poo.
Kate: Go away I hate you!
Carol: Why? Is it because I’m FAT?
Kate: Yes you’re ugly go and umm die!
Carol: Fine! Carol stomps off
Melissa: Wait Carol come back! CAROL!
Melissa goes after Carol, but she trips over a big brown dog and is impaled by a beanstalk. Then a giant stomps on Carol. Kate laughs evilly.

Are you happy now Kate? I wrote you a story.

I have a new phrase: You’re a dinklehead! Compliments of my mom….she was getting mad at my brother. And she said Chris was immature.

I wonder what that looks like in French.

Vous ĂȘtes un dinklehead!

Or how about I am a dinklehead

Je suis un dinklehead!

Did you know? There is Fergus Ontario Canada and Fergus County in Montana in the U.S.?You would be surprised when you Google something…I guess that’s what you get when you bored.


Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa... I am going to drop the same lines at chris's too...
I was wondering what happened to amy's blog... Looks like she has deleted the account...

What happened?

Finbarpurpleton said...

I asked Amy but I am not sure what has happened to her blog. I am curious to know as well.