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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Highlights of the year: FERGUS! A.E.S.M and more....

Tomorrow is the beginning of week 12, which means there is only a week left of university. A lot has happened in July but a lot more has happened since February when I got here and since on the 19 I will have been in Australia for 8 months. I thought I shall compile a list of the things that has happened so far.

Highlights of the year:

University: I did really well on my assignments and the agents I went through when I applied to university here in Australia said not to expect High Distinctions. In your face! I got two HDs last term.

The A.E.S.M.: This is the first one on my list, my first group of international friends. I think we shall be friends for life.

Flat to Myself: A movie type deal that Chris, Amy, Antonia and I started in June. Kate was included in the sequel. Chris and I started a documentary of the first to stories. Now according to him it is a franchise.

Wild Will: My favourite rottweiler character. He has gone from making odd appearance in unfinished stories to being part of a full fledged series of bizarre events. It all started with Amy and Chris’s inspiration.

Carol: Writing mean stories about Carol. Some friend I am. I take it if she were to read this blog she would disown me for life. But then again I have explained that it’s not meant to be taken seriously over and over again

Fergus: This name makes Chris laugh. I still don’t know why. But when he laughs I want to laugh too. It’s all Fergus’s fault.

Multimedia Guy: who I think I don’t really like that much anymore. It’s hard to explain, I think it was just a harmless girly crush nothing serious really. It was fun to see him, but it’s a thing interesting that we never talk to each other. It’s like the 'Where's Waldo of the romantic world' I think I hyped it up to be more than it was.

Jack: We have a lot in common. I have also included him into Carol stories because I can’t resist the cheesy Jack and the Beanstalk or Jack and Jill joke.

The different flatmates: LOUIE! Was my top flatmate…I actually don’t miss her movie collection. KAYLA was pretty cool too although we did clash occasionally. Shane was a silly weird and Corrine she fell down the stairs….no I’m just kidding. The worst flatmate was one that only stayed for 1 ½ days. Let’s just say he turned really creepy.


Amy said...

Hey Melissa!
well i think i deserve a whole category for myself! nah, just joking. I can't believe uni is almost over! Anyway, i've already wrote you an email! I'll cya later!
Luv Amy

Damien O'Boobies said...

Dear Amy,


Have a nice day,

Damien O'Boobies.