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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SYDNEY! The Awesomest City on Earth!

Yesterday was a good day. I went to work and it was busy. During the rush I was trying to cook hot meals. I tried to take the cap off the spray oil but instead the cap went flying off and hit the manager Suzie in the face. I was so embarrassed.

Today on the other hand was a completely lazy day. I spent it watching some sappy made for TV movie about a 16 year old girl who became a mother, writing my story and just sitting in complete silence doing nothing at all thinking about stuff. Later on I am having dinner with my new flatmate Kristine and her girlfriend Sandra. I invited Kate for good measure I hope she can come too. I will be awesome.

And here is proof that I am still obsessed with Carol stories.

Amy and I were walking past the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney when I saw a statue of Queen Victoria. In which the following conversation took place.

Me: I took a picture of the statue of Queen Victoria
Amy: I see sounds like something you would do.
Me: Yes I want to superimpose Carols face on that statue of Queen Victoria
Amy: Really?
Me: Yes and I will call it Carol Queen of the fat!
Amy: MELISSA! That’s mean.

Yes, yes it is and the real Carol will probably read that and never speak to me again. But then again I was referring to what Chris and call Story Carol. The real Carol is a lot different.

Here be the Carol version

Amy, Melissa and Carol are walking by the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Melissa snaps a picture of the Queen Victoria statue in the front.

Carol: Stop taking Pictures you NERD!
Melissa: But it’s Queen Victoria!
Amy: Relax Carol it’s just something Melissa does.
Carol: What! Act like a nerdy retarded weird NERD girl.
Amy: No no Carol taking pictures
Melissa: There for my family because they can’t be here I am acting as there eyes and ears.
Carol: Your family of NERDS?
Melissa: (Gives and exasperated sigh) No Carol. Actually I am taking this picture for you. I want to superimpose your face on that statue of Queen Victoria
Amy: Really? Awe Melissa that is nice of you.
Carol: Why Melissa? You’re not that way are you?
Melissa: Well no but…
Amy: Well I guess Carol isn’t going to like Oxford Street
Carol: Why would we want to go to street named after Oxen that’s BESTIALITY!
Melissa: Err…. right anyways about that picture… I will call it Carol Queen of the fat!
Amy: MELISSA! That’s mean.
Carol: Melissa I am already Queen of the FAT! We should superimpose your head on there too so you can be Melissa Queen of the NERDS!

As for Sydney it was awesome, although a little expensive, the night life is spiffy and you can pretty much walk anywhere. I reminded me of the big cosmopolitan cities back home in Canada like Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. However, Sydney was something that was completely Sydney like. It was better than I imagined it too be.

The plane ride to and from Sydney was like any other plane ride except both flights had medical emergencies. On the flight from Brisbane they had paramedics coming on board once we landed. However, on the way home it wasn’t as serious. It was just someone who was badly airsick.

Here are some highlights of my trip:

First off seeing my friends Chris and Amy that was the best part, we hung out and had fun, such as getting caught in a rainstorm, eating at a 24 hour McDonalds and riding the monorail twice. At the monorail I got stuck in the entry way and I forget which stop but a bunch of Asians came into are car. Needless to say I got claustrophobic.

Meeting Jeremy was pretty cool. He is awesome. He is probably the smartest person I have ever met.

On Saturday Amy, Chris, Jeremy and I went to Taronga Zoo. I got a little carried away with my camera and took way to many pictures. Sadly there were no elephants. Apparently they were in quarantine. I have six rolls to develop most of which are of animals, random photos of my friends and The Opera House. When I asked if there was a place to get film, Amy and Jeremy kept trying to convince me Sydney doesn’t sell film anymore. On the way back we took the air tram. Poor Chris was scared of heights and Jeremy kept on teasing him about an impending air tram accident. Luckily no such accident happened and we arrived safely on the ground.

After the zoo Chris, Amy and I went to the Opera House. It’s different seeing it in real life, especially when you’re standing right in front of it. In the professional photographs the Opera House looks so pristine, beautiful and white. In real life it looks giant and daunting, yet beautiful. Later on that night Chris, Amy and I went to a bar on Oxford Street. Chris and I kept laughing at stuff Amy didn't get it.

On Sunday Amy and I went on Sydney Tour bus. I was fun. The bus went by The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House, and a lot of museums, Kings Cross, The Rocks, The Chinese Garden and a whole lot more. At the end we were both wind blown and cold.

And finally I joined Greenpeace. I was walking through Hyde Park to towards Oxford Street to find Chris and then I was stopped by another Canadian named Mike. We talked about hockey and the environment. Obviously we talked about those two things because, A: Hockey is a Canadian symbol and B: He was a member of Greenpeace and they are all about the environment. My new flatmate Kristine says I am a sucker for joining. Well I believe it’s important to take care of the environment.

They only thing that wasn’t as great was the hostel I stayed at. No one talked to each other and just kept to themselves. Are people to afraid to talk to each other anymore?

But, I think the worst part of the trip was I had to leave.

However, Amy and I made unofficial plans to go to Melbourne or back to Sydney.

P.S. Amy your right in reference to staring it is supposed to be starring. I really ought to check the spelling before I finish a movie. I think I got the case of the insufferable know it all syndrome. Anyways I would like to apologize for that.

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