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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I am never writing a Carol story again!

Ahhhhhh!!! I am never writing a Carol story again. Carol found out I am writing about her and if she misinterprets and thinks they are mean….But then again….in my stories I accused Jack of eating babies, Amy of being a cheerful weird girl, my self about being a NERD retarded weird girl, Kate of being evil, Joan of being overly annoying, Justin of smelling really bad and Chris of just being weird.

But it turns out that it wasn’t as bad as I though at the time of writing this Carol wasn’t upset. I told her they were a tribute not an insult.

Here is a conversation about it as follows.

Me: Did I offend you or anything?
Carol: No it sounds like stuff I would say anyways
Me: The stories are kind of mean. I was really worried
Carol: Meh whatever but anyways I'm going to bed. I'll talk to u tomorrow

Hmmm….. It appears that I have learnt my lesson for now.

My question for the day other than inadvertently scaring myself that I would lose my best friend in Canada….She said she needs me right now and I can’t even be there. I have three best friends here. I don’t believe in having on best friend but many best friends instead because the term best friend seems so subjective.

Oh wells, according to Justin and Joan I am shy? Perhaps I am or perhaps I am not.

And I don’t take back what I said about Justin yesterday because I meant it at the time. It would be contradictory if I said otherwise. My opinion of people change from day to day some days I like them, some days I don’t. It’s really a strange thing. I refuse to believe anyone is worth hating because it’s such a powerful emotion and I believe it’s the worst thing to feel.

It just makes me mad that Justin and Joan treat me like I am a little kid and I can’t do anything because I am some naïve Canadian chick who needs to ‘grow a back bone’ It wasn’t there place to get involved in the current situation at hand even if they had the best intentions. Also they have only known me for 8 months.

Also if someone says to you that they consider you a sister do you have to feel the same way? I already have a little brother and people I consider sisters and brothers unfortunately she isn’t one of them. I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but I just don’t.

I also made up my mind about something very important today and I plan to stick to it.

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