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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sorry if I keep writing Fergus…

Today was an OK day. You know you’re an adult when you have to work instead of going to the beach with your friends. I don’t like the way I look in a swimsuit anyways.

But because I didn’t go to the beach I ended up learning where I was really from. Canadia…A customer was commenting on my accent and asked where I was from. I said Canadia by accident of course. Chris and Kate is affecting me. Damn them anyways…no I’m just kidding! You know I love you guys and not in that way either.

Its also general consensus that I have not been myself lately, I have acted completely out of character, showing a mean streak that I didn’t even know I had. However, Joan and I discussed what I had said in a calm and civil discussion and it appears that we are friends whether I like it or not. Don’t worry I like being her friend. I explained what I meant and we each decided to be honest with one another. Justin on the other hand…I shall be avoiding him for awhile.

My desk is a mess. I was told that that is a writer thing. Why? I do not know. But it’s interesting because I find stuff I thought I had lost months ago. For instance a postcard I was supposed to send to Carol, some blue tack old stuff I had written for assignments and an assortment of other things. And now it’s my mission to clean it up….eventually.

Current annoyance other than my desk is my laptop…the keys on it are falling off the down key is held on by a piece of blue tack and the bloody spacebar keeps sticking or coming off completely. I think its time I invest in a new computer.

Ah yes I have been trying to write a Wild Will story with Fergus in it on suggestion from Chris since August. Its starting to confuse me because there is at least twelve additional characters...There is an alternate problem solving team. Fergus is supposed to the opposite of Wild Will. Then there is a beaver named Captain Winky, who is the opposite to Adventure Joe and Carol who is supposed to be the opposite of John. Then there are opposite characters to Chris, Amy, Antonia, Kinwai and I…and then there is the opposites of Justin and Joan…who under the circumstances will probably not be appearing in any more stories. Maybe Joan might, but in nicer circumstances. I also was planning to include Kate. It’s just getting to confusing to write because I keep forgetting who is where and why they are there... It was already hard before when I had 10 characters in the same room…any writer who has the ability to write about over 20 characters in one situation…is a genius. The main reason it annoys me because I keep forgetting to put Wild Will in it and when I do he is too nice. I mean he is the MAIN character…so instead I shall write a Wild Will story with Kate in it and Fergus… Or I could just write a whole new series about Fergus. Also Captain Winky is the stupidest character I ever invented therefore he no longer will exist. As I say this he disappears into a puff of smoke and evaporates….mwahahahhahahaa! Sorry if I keep writing Fergus…I know it makes Chris laugh himself stupid. Also I am probably aware that most people reading this will have no idea what I am rambling about.

And now I shall share my ultimate dream. I want to see my books on a book store self!

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