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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The third person perspective

According to Chris and Kate I am Mexican because I haven’t earned the write to be Canadian…Right well anyways, the highlights of my day at work are as follows: scrubbing the fridge floor on my hands and knees, and finding a dead fly on a piece of ham in the sub bar… Ewwwwww! What an interesting life I have.

I have decided to take a crack at the horribly confusing story I mentioned trying to write yesterday. I think I figured out how to do it. I consider it a challenge as a writer. In fact I think I have changed as a writer. I have spent like last couple of weeks looking at old stories I have written. I can see how my style of writing has changed.

When I was 17, I used to write about my two dogs Shelby and Heidi and sometimes my cat Mullygin. They were my muses. Unfortunately Heidi died because she was run over by a car. Shelby was given away because she was attacking Heidi as well as other dogs. I thought she might have to be put down. Mullygin went missing in the forests of northern Canada. My mom speculates that she was eaten by a cougar or a lynx, which are carnivorous cats. After Shelby was given away it would never be the same. I haven’t ` written a story about them since February 2003. After Heidi died I stopped reading them. I don’t think I will ever write a story about them again.

I can feel another character that may soon join the ranks of lost characters, Wild Will and his associates. He represents my anger. I usually write about him when I am mad or in some sort of strange mood. I just haven’t been able to keep him in character. It really annoys me because I think he has potential to be a real cult figure, besides Amy’s of course.

What about putting me as a character in a story and referring to myself in the third person? Perhaps if I put it from my perspective it would feel strange writing it. I prefer the third person I am able to express what all the characters are thinking and doing its got nothing to do with me mentally, as some people may have mentioned this to me recently. However, I will admit I do confront my aggression and frustration through writing.

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Amy said...

Hey Melissa!! Don't you already write about yourself in the third person??? I've read heaps of stories where you do, but they are in script format so maybe it's easier that way! I don't think Wild Will will join the ranks of lost characters cause he's my hero!
Luv Amy
P.S. Wild Will!