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Friday, September 22, 2006

I found my future Aussie husband!

No its not Multimedia Guy.

Today I worked…and the manager was COW! I’ll leave it at that.

I received my birthday present from my mom. She sent me some pretty strange things such as underwear, qtips and a portable coffeemaker type device.

Last night I had a dream that truly confounded me. I upset me because I dreamt my friends Carol and Amy died. I can’t remember how Carol died, only that I was very upset as for Amy, she died in a car crash. I was inconsuluable, distraught, very, very upset in the dream I wouldn’t stop crying. It confused me because at one point I turned into Chris. Then I was in a room with Joan and friends in which she was discusing her boyfriend Justin. In which I then decided I wanted to get married to Chris’s friend Jack. It was weird. I woke up with a combination of the butterflies and feeling really sad.

Ah yes Chris’s friend Jack he is cool. Chris says we are simular. Both times we met we got along really well. Plus he says vanilla funny.

Last night Chris and I had a lengthy discusion about the 1960s. Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in the wrong time period. When I learn about journalism in the 60s and 70s it makes me sad, because I think journalism was more real than it is now. Also the music back then was art and wasn’t all commercialized and manufactured like it is now.

I’m just kidding about the Aussie husband.


Jack said...

Hi Melissa,

I'd like to marry you because you have nice boobies.


*guess who*

Amy said...

Chris..leave melissa alone! Melissa, that's absolutely awesome..except for the part where i died. I hope that's not prophetic! Chris, send me a photo of Jack to see if i approve!
Luv Amy