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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Even the dream dictionary neglects about Canadians!

Today has been boring enough said. Also take note this entry shall be rather sporadic and random.

Interesting thing I found while interpreting my dreams.

Travelling: To dream that you are travelling, signifies the journey toward your life goals and a journey through life in general, that you enjoy what you do and find much pleasure in it. To dream that you are travelling through an unknown area denotes the lurking of your rivals. To dream that you are travelling in a car filled with people signifies that you will make new and fun friends and exciting adventures. To dream that you are travelling in a car by yourself, signifies troubling matters ahead for you.

Australia: To dream about or that you are in Australia, suggests that you feel that you are being pulled toward opposite directions. The dream may also indicate self-exploration into your natural and uninhibited self. Often referred to as the land down under, the dream may be a metaphor to represent your unconscious and your underlying thoughts.
However, the dream bank turned out to be biased when I searched Canada, there be no dream reference. However I did find one for America

America: If you are from America and dream of America, then the dream symbolizes independence and freedom to do what you want. If you are from outside of America, the dream may represent commercialism, riches, or abundance. Your own political views will also strongly influence this imagery.

Here is my definition for Canada:

Canada: To dream of Canada means you have a strong connection to the north. You feel alienated by the growing American influence, which is common for most Canadians. I could also symbolize freedom or being on top of the world.

My reason for looking up Australia and Canada is because I keep having damned dreams about you guessed it Canada and Australia.
The scenarios are as follows.
1. I am in Canada preparing to come to Australia (this dream went on for about three months)
2. I have left Australia, but I am in Canada preparing to come back.
3. I am in Australia preparing to go back to Canada, but come back to Australia afterwards.

So far I have no idea why I keep dreaming this. It’s really starting to annoy me.

My second pet annoyance lately is….
People mistaking me for a bloody American…

Words of advice from my British Grandma: “We are captains of our own ships and it’s up to us to sail where we want too.”

Amy: asked me to write about Felix that Cat, no no its Felix the person, the German guy. He is the epitome of nerd. He wears daggy jeans and rolls up the cuffs of them. His shoes are ugly. He looks like one of the characters from Revenge of the Nerds...except not as nerdy. I hope that makes sense Amy.


Amy said...

Haha - yes, that makes sense! Perfect sense! But sometimes nerdy is cute, so i'm going to have to trust your judgement. As long as he's not napolean dynamite. I think i know why you dream of Canada and Australia. It's prophetic and also your looking back into the past. In the future, u will go back to Canada but will return to Australia to marry multimedia guy and run a paper with Amy. Multimedia guy will also discover he has indian ancestry and you will be related to me and Raul - who i may marry, but probably won't so actually your children might be related to raul and not me.
That's my little contribution!
Hope it comes true!
luv Amy

The Onliest Flatmate said...

Furthermore, you will go into that future married to MMST guy and all and Amy will give you a wedding present of a painting of her ( * ) ( * ). You will then open a company called F.E.R.G.U.S Inc.