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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Neapolitan ice cream it has strawberry, chocolate and….

Today it shall be a short post. Which is weird because usually my posts are very long....

Remember how I said that Jack says vanilla funny. He is some short conversations to prove it.

Chris: Neapolitan ice cream it has strawberry, chocolate and….
Jack: Villinna (that’s how he actually says it)
Me: Vanilla!

Jack: Neapolitan ice cream it has strawberry, chocolate and…
Chris: You’re Mum!
Me: Vanilla!

OK Now Carol (if she were present during this conversation):

Chris: Neapolitan ice cream it has strawberry, chocolate and….
Jack: Villinna
Carol: We’re talking about ice cream not a country!
Melissa He means Vanilla!
Chris: No he means you’re mum

Kayla left today. :( Just when I was getting used to her…Sure she got on my nerves but I think that is normal with any flatmate I have. Oh wells she comes back in three months and I no longer have to worry about her complaining how I never do the dishes.

Last night Kayla, her friend Andrea, Chris, Jack and I went to see the movie John Tucker Must Die, it was surprisingly good for a high school teen flick. Chris was funny as usual and so was Jack. Its official I think I have a crush…but that’s all I am going to say.

Oh Chris I mean FERGUS! I fixed it in case you are wondering mister I want to marry you because you have nice boobies...I KNOW it was you! Your a doo doo head who is smart as a monkey in PJs in the pants!


P. P. Vagina said...

If it's in the pants, it's fine with me.

Amy said...

haha, i've already written you a long email back!
Luv AMy