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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ryan Malcolm

Is it me or does Buddy Holly look very simular to Ryan Malcolm? Ryan was the first winner of Canadian Idol...

Buddy Holly

Yeah yeah I copied Amy. But during Canadian Idol everyone kept saying how much they looked alike. I kind of agree.

Reminiscing by Buddy Holly

I'm just sittin' here reminiscing
wondering who you've been kissin'
baby - wo oh baby

I've been wondering all around
there must be a new guy in town
you don't love me anymore
I'll get over you baby
although my heart's still sore
well, you know my heart's still sore

When I think of all the lies you told
to that young man my heart you sold
you're a cheater and a mean mistreater
when I think of all the fun we had
kinda makes me feel so sad
I'm lonely - for your love
and the longest day I live
it's only you that I'll be thinking of
you know I'm thinkin' of
well, it's you I'm thinking of

Why have I chosen this song today….it kind of goes with the theme I suppose.

The last view days, Kayla and I have seen the emergence of a flatmate more elusive than Louie. I’ll call her the invisible ghost flatmate. There is nothing to suggest she even lives here, she has no food in the cupboards, and we rarely ever see her. The only reason why we know she lives here is because she locks her bedroom door, but leaves the main doors unlocked for hours at a time, without our knowledge. This irritates me for some reason.

Yesterday I saw Multimedia Guy: I almost walked into him at the library. I was in the section where all the books are held. I was looking up books for an assignment (obviously). I was reading while I walked a sure sign for disaster. Its weird all of sudden I looked up and there he was. Then I became dumb and continued on my search for books. Then as I was about to leave the upstairs I forgot one of the books I wanted and I almost ran into him again. I wish I could talk to him, but I get really shy for some reason.

Today I got re acquainted with an old friend Derek from high school. However reminiscing about reminds me of a time that I would rather just put behind me. It wasn’t bad memories or anything. In fact high school was an OK time for me. It’s because I want to move on ahead instead of dwelling on the past for some reason or perhaps it’s in the mood I am in.

And thats my speil for the day....


( * ) ( * ) said...

Well, it's all good wanting to move away from school -- and I'm probably the last person who should be saying things like this -- but who knows, he might end up as your soulmate. :-P

Amy said...

Hey Melissa!
Yes, you will have to tell me how Corrinne is to live with. Send me an email. I think Buddy Holly looks like that Ryan dude, although i don't know either of them! Yay! multimedia guy updates! I love the library, all the cool people hang out in the library, which is why we used to hang out there so much!
Luv Amy