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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Living Video Store Has Gone Away….

Well Louie is gone now. She left last night in a hurry. As Amy put it my living Video Ezy is gone. Chris said we (Kayla and I) will always remember Louies DVD collection, then we will remember Louie. On a high note Kayla and I scored heaps of free stuff.

This is kind of ironic but I took out some books about terrorism for my tutorial topic presentation for Mass Media and Journalism class and the books are due back at the library on September 11. I don’t know if this is a odd coincidence but, it’s kind of creepy.

Inspiration for my stories come at odd times. Such as the one you will read below about Carol. It’s about the demotion of Pluto as a planet.

Melissa, Chris and Carol are on the bus, travelling on their next adventure, to the planetarium.
Melissa: Hey Carol I just read in the newspaper today that Pluto is no longer a planet is was demoted to a dwarf planet or something
Carol: Noooo Pluto is a dog not planet. He can’t be a dwarf it’s physically impossible. There are seven dwarfs not eight.
Melissa: I wasn’t talking about Disney. I was talking about astronomy, the solar system, the celestial bodies that are out of reach from planet earth.
Carol: There is no such thing as astronomy its called astrology. I am sick of talking about Star Trek. Can’t you talk about some that is un NERDY for once?
Melissa: Actually Carol astronomy is the scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena and astrology is the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs.
Chris: I don’t remember talking about Star Trek. I though we were talking about Pluto. Hey did you know they name woman’s products Libra does that count as astrology?
Carol: Your not supposed to talk ‘girl stuff’ in public ?
Melissa: Carol Chris is a guy.
Chris: Nooninooninooninoo!
Melissa: I’m a Libra.
Carol: You’re not a tampon Melissa. You are a NERD NERDY retarded girl.
Melissa: I was speaking astrologically.
Chris: I’m a Virgo
Carol: Is that Aussie slang for virgin?
Melissa: It’s a zodiac sign.
Chris: You’re a zodiac sign
Melissa: You are!
Carol: Nooo you’re humans…stop believing in all of this Egyptian stuff. Also zodiac is the name of a bear in Canada or Alaska.
Melissa: Carol that’s the Kodiak
Carol: Nooooo I wasn’t talking about Camera stuff you NERD!
Chris: Speaking of cameras did you bring yours Melissa?
Melissa: Of course my camera is part of my soul it comes on all of my adventures.
Carol: Well you won’t be taking any pictures of me. My fat might break the camera.
Chris: Well if you sat on the camera it would break, but other than that I think the camera will be OK!
Melissa: Carol that’s just dumb. Also the type of film I use is called Kodak or Fuji
Carol: Why would a mountain make film?
Melissa: Mountains don’t make film Carol.
Carol: You said Fuji as in Mount Fuji
Melissa: No Carol you I said Fuji as in film.
Chris: Oh come on you guys. No more arguing! Lets talk about Amy!
Melissa: What for?
Carol: Who is this Amy and why do you keep talking about her?
Chris: Never mind
Carol: Nooo you NEVER YOUR MIND!
The bus stops, arriving at the planetarium, Melissa, Chris and Carol get off the bus. Unfortunately the planetarium was closed.
The sign says: We are closed, due to the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet, we regret to inform you the planetarium is now closed for renovations.
Carol looks at the sign with delight.
Carol: I was right Pluto isn’t a planet. Stupid planetarium people I could have told them not to put some cartoon dog in their Star Trek exhibit.

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Amy said...

Melissa - your a libra? When's your birthday? I forget, it must be soon cause i'm a libra as well!

It's weird that pluto is no longer a planet, but not as weird as Chris!

Luv Amy