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Friday, August 25, 2006

Luke Skywalker is not notorious, that would be Darth Vader

Hmmm let’s see what has happened today? A whole lot of nothing. I worked today and that’s about it. I have been feeling really homesick. They say the sixth month of being overseas is the hardest. That’s right I have been in Australia for six months and one week. It feels like years. I haven’t decided if I want to go home after my degree is done either. I also found out today that my grandparents won’t be coming to visit in September as my grandpa has blood clots and they cannot get medical coverage.

Things I that I have thought about today.

1. Smallville
2. Carol
3. Know it alls
4. Essays
5. This new camera I saw at Target. I want it I want it
6. The movie I am making
7. Royal Canadian Air Farce
8. Homesickness for CANADA
9. Chris and Kate
10. The Beach
11. Multimedia Guy

On Thursday I spen the day working on essays for class. I have gotten a whole lot of nowhere with them. I also talked to my mom. I told her that I want to come home early and all she seemed to do was encourage me to stay in Australia until my degree is done. I find that really weird because wouldn’t my mom try to encourage me to come home instead.


On Wednesday I went to the beach with Chris and Kate. It was the perfect day for it too. The sky was the most beautiful blue and there was not a cloud in sight. It was fun enough said. I would tell you about Desmond but that’s another story for another time.


Here are a few cryptic sentences and phrases that sum up Tuesday night… scaterogically speaking.

Notorious means being known for doing something bad

Luke Skywalker is not notorious, that would be Darth Vader

Disease and disorder, there is a difference between them

Pickles and ball…are symbols and are guaranteed to be made fun off if a certain someone is in the room.

What is a pickle machine?

It’s now a fact Kayla is a big stinking insufferable know it all…see August 9 entry. I have come to this conclusion. It’s a tone of voice she uses. It’s in her face. It’s impossible for her to be wrong in her own mind. Although she did contradict herself and say that she could admit she was wrong. To that I say bullshit! I try to like her but I feel myself clashing with her, but then again sometimes I don’t mind her at all. I have learnt that I should just let her think she is right. Key word: Think! I don’t think she is aware of it consciously either. I think I have changed because I used to be like that. I felt strange superiority and significance in being right. I used to argue with a friend (Not Carol) about stupid trivial facts. She said I made her feel stupid. Maybe this is just Karma at work, my self esteem has improved or I see an aspect of myself and its ugly.

Tuesday night Chris, Kate, Kayla and I were victims of a prank. Kayla called Pizza Hut, but it was a store that had closed previously. It was then turned into a house number. Someone decided to pretend they were Pizza Hut and we ended up waiting for pizza that never came. We then decided to go to pick up our selves. This is when we found out that we were the objects of some mean joke.

Five things I have learnt lately

1. Authors are people who have had work published, for some reason I thought that it only included books. There just given different names, like poets, playwrights, screenwriter, and novelist. I wonder can it cross over to the internet seeing as its self publishing. What can you say I am shallow minded.
2. Chinese is a language. It just has many dialect groups. This one is just dumb on my part.
3. Beaches are fun
4. Board games + Melissa and Kayla = Bad
5. Sarcasm can be misinterpreted


Shaneequa said...

I have another equation...
You say...
Board Games + Melissa and Kayla = Bad

I say...
Melissa + Amy + Bed = Good


Amy said...

Christopher Woo! Don't think i didn't know that that little comment was you!!! You are getting grosser as you get older!

Sorry i've been absent from your blog for so long miss melissa! Sounds like your having fun, even though Kayla is annoying. I can't wiat to meet her, she actually sounds alright to me!!! She sounds like an obsessive person, and i'm pretty obsessive myself! You still think about multimedia guy? Gee, i'm so behind on AESM goss. I can't wait to com eback home! I'm glad you liked the beach! I miss the beach.
You should just jump in and buy your camera!!

Luv Amy