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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A mere over exaggeration by the foot

Me: Hey Carol interesting fact your feet are bigger in the afternoon than at any other time of the day.
Carol: Nooooo feet are the same size all the time. You’re just jealous because I have small feet and your feet are bigger because you’re taller than me and I am fat.
Me: Carol this has nothing to do with being fat.
Carol: Then how do you explain this? Shows her ankles. See look I have kankles because I am fat.
Me: Why because I am 173 cm and you are 124 cm. Obviously you would have smaller feet then me. If I had your size feet I would fall over or be unable to walk. Your proportionate to your weight. There is nothing to worry about.
Carol: Frowns….explain height in English please.
Me: You mean metric.
Carol: Metric doesn’t exist the Greek made it up and now it’s extinct like the buffalo.
Me: OK Buffalo aren’t extinct. umm…should I explain it in Imperial then?
Carol: What does these have to do with royalty?
Me: It doesn’t. I was referring to a different measurement system, it’s the one Americans use.
Carol: Well how tall am I?
Me: sighs I suppose that would make me 5 foot 7 inches and you 4 foot 10 inches.
Carol: Are you saying your better than because you’re taller
Me: No it’s only a 49 cm difference
Carol: English please…I thought you were an English professional, why are you talking all un smart on me.
Me: Umm 1 foot six inches taller than you.
Carol: A whole foot long…that’s like a Subway sub…except they’re better for you than McDonalds and they don’t make you fat.
Me: Well Carol it bit more than a foot. It’s a foot and a half and bit
Carol: Noooo there is not such thing as a foot long sub an a half.
Me: So do you want Subway?
Carol: Noooo I’d rather have KFC Canadian Fried Chicken.
Me: Carol Canada starts with a “C”
Carol: Noooo not in Greek it doesn’t
Me: Its Greece.
Carol: What are you saying Canada is covered in Greece? You’re stupid.
Me: No you’re stupid.
Carol: That’s it I’m not talking to you anymore. She turns around, folds her arms and pouts.

Yes it is true. I am a foot and half and a bit taller than Carol and she does have kankles. (Sorry Carol) And unfortunately Carol has a preoccupation with her weight. (Again sorry Carol)I must mention this important fact: Carol isn’t really this stupid, although she can be that stubborn. This could be an exaggerated version of her. Chris pointed out yesterday that I might have the habit of over exaggerating people. It is true. I think I do. I romanticize their characteristics and blow them out of proportion. It is also true as Amy mentioned, that I must be homesick, but I don’t really miss any one in particular.

Today was an OK day. I went to work and that’s it I went to work…that pretty interesting. I also came home and slept for four hours so now its 11 pm at night and I am wide awake and I have uni tomorrow. The End.

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