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Monday, August 21, 2006

There's not alot going on.

Quote of the day:

Brent LeRoy is in the library.

Brent LeRoy: [whispering] Okay, I was just wondering if you had a book on child psychology.
Alice the librarian: [still whispering] On what?
Brent LeRoy: [still whispering] Child psychology.
Alice: [still whispering] "Jives on top of me"?
Brent LeRoy: [sarcastically] That's right Alice, I want a book about jives on top of you.

From Corner Gas…my favourite TV show

Today I will write my blog in the form of questions and answers:

1. How was yesterday?
It was awesome fun. I spent the day with Chris. I showed him the show Corner Gas. Then later I went to the movie The Lake House with Chris, Kate and Kayla. Then we played Monopoly in which I lost.

2. Have you learnt anything lately?
Why yes many things:
a) Procrastination is bad and causes unneeded stress…
b) I can put skill I learnt in college to good use because of my procrastination. I had to write a 500-600 word essay question. I was able to finish it in two hours, thanks to learning how to write a story in less than 20 minutes I had no problem finishing the my assignment. Now all I have too do is work on my essays due in week 12, but….I don’t want to do them.
c) Never hand an assignment I think is substandard. I could have handed my Introduction to Communication and Culture assignment in early, but there were grammar errors. Now it wasn’t worth much, but it just shows to the tutor that I don’t really care. I know ‘p’s make degrees’ but I won’t except anything but my best.
d) When something bad happens you have 30 minutes to dwell, this is advice from Chris, as I have a bad habit of brewing over things that can’t be changed or fixed.
e) That I get defensive to easily

3. Any dreams you have had lately that puzzle and confound you?
Last night I dreamt I was in a two plane crashes. The first one took place at night in the year 1964, which is my mom’s year of birth. The plane was shaking all over the place and I was thinking how this plane crash brought everyone together and we had to keep from hitting our heads or we would die. In this one some people survived because part of the plane crashed on rocks. In the second plane crash the plane was plummeting very quickly I felt like I was swallowing my stomach. I wasn’t scared though because I was with my dream man, the one I love, although I couldn’t see what he looked like. The plane was crashing because someone brought a cooking spray on board. It was the same kind used where I work. It was originally indicated that the plane was crashing into the ocean, in which all the passengers would be liquefied, but I was aware that I was dreaming and decided that the plane would crash on land. We ended up crashing into a shopping mall, everyone survived.
I also dreamt that I was traveling all over the world. I was on plane to Hong Kong where I met Kinwai, he was killing rats to eat and I was visiting Kayla’s aunt. Also a huge mansion was lifted off the earth and transplanted to another planet, because someone put part of Harry Potters broomstick in the wood, I only knew this because Robin Williams showed me.

4. Most fun thing you did last week?
On Thursday night, Chris, Kate and I decided to film a sequel to the movie, Amy, Antonia, Chris and I filmed in June. Kate and I were the new flatmates of Chris. Its actually quite funny. Chris has gone mad, Kate plays a girl with attitude and I play a girl who has three voices, Melora, Carol and Wild Will and to that I say roo roo roo roo! Who dies in this film? I am still confused by it. It’s left rather open ended.

5. Thing you're most obsessed with lately?
Lately I have been obsessed with many things…
a) The Canadian show Corner Gas
b) The Futurama alien alphabet.
c) Wild Will (as usual)
d) Carol
e) Chris
f) Movie making
g) My camera breaking.
h) The story I am writing.

6. What is a good movie you have seen lately?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: this movie screams weird, Tim Curry in drag and Susan Sarandon as a goody goody gumshoes girl. (That’s my own description by the way.) I didn’t recognize half the actors, probably because it was filmed in 1975. It’s about transsexuals and evil gender bending scientist named Dr. Franken Furter.

7. Anything annoying happen recently?
My camera screen broke. It can still take pictures but the view screen is cracked. I took it to the computer area of Harvey Norman. One of the computer guys said it would cost $200 and up to fix it. He suggested I just invest in a new camera. So that’s what I am doing. I am going to set my money aside of a digital 35mm SLR, my ultimate dream camera. It what I always wanted, it’s pretty sweet because I can use my lenses from my film SLR.

8.Song you have heard in the last three days that is still stuck in your head?
You might have thought that it was a Buddy Holly song, but it’s actually Maneater by Nelly Furtado.

9. Any exciting discoveries or news?
a) Why yes, this one I found out by accident,. I figured out how to put sound into the movies I make. I am currently redoing the movie ‘A Flat To Myself’ as well as working on the sequel. Lets hope I have enough space on my computer.
b) Louie is moving away!

10. What I am currently working on
a) As it is uni break this week I shall be working full stop on essays. I have four due in week 12.
b) The movie that was filmed on Thursday.

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