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Saturday, August 05, 2006

That'll be the day

Last night I had a dream about Buddy Holly. He was on a TV show featuring his songs. I kept on thinking, wow I know why people like him now. He was also on a TV add for Chicken Salsa and Tuna Soup. It was a strange dream. I told Kayla about it this morning. Here is her reaction in script format.

Me: I had a dream about Buddy Holly last night.’
Kayla: Who is Buddy Holly.
Me: Ouch my heart that hurts….how can you not know who he is?
Kayla: I’ve never heard of him.
Me: He was a singer in the 1950s, a Rock ‘n’ Roll icon.
Kayla: That’s probably why I haven’t heard of him. Maybe if I heard one of his songs I might recognize it.
Me: Ever heard of Peggy Sue?
Kayla: Who is she?
Me: No no, the song Peggy Sue it was the famous on by Buddy Holly.

Honestly it never occurred to me that anyone wouldn’t know who he was. It was almost shocking. Oddly enough it angers me a little. And yet I only came to enjoy his music 4 years ago. Weezer has heard of him, they sing a song named after him. Even John Lennon knew about him, who said, "He made it easy to wear glasses. I was Buddy Holly." The Hollies also knew him they named their band in honour of him. The first time I heard of “Buddy Holly” is when I heard the song by “Weezer”. For some reason it made me wonder who he was. When I first heard his music, I was amazed on how unique it sounded. Not just for that time period, but now. Buddy Holly songs are brilliant and timeless. He had such an amazing beginning as an artist, yet a tragic end as well.

Buddy Holly is mostly recognized for his thick horn rimmed glasses and is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of “rock 'n roll”. He was born Charles Hardin Holley on September 7th 1936 in Lubbock, Texas. From an early age Buddy Holly like many musicians expressed a love for music. Family singing was frequent. When Buddy was young he learned to play the violin and the piano, although he discovered a preference for the guitar.

In 1957 with the help of some friends he formed “The Crickets” Which consisted of Niki Sullivan, Jerry Allison, Joe B. Maudlin and of course Buddy Holly. Buddy was the guitarist and vocalist. Among the songs they recorded was a lively version of "That'll Be the Day," which ended up being one of his most famous songs.

In 1958 Buddy Holly met Maria Elena Santiago a receptionist for a New York City, music publisher. He proposed to her on there first dinner date. On August 15 1958 two weeks after they met they were married.

Buddy Holly went on to have a solo career, in which he sang the hit “Peggy Sue” in 1958 It was originally called Cindy Lou after his 2 year old cousin. At the time his drummer Jerry Allison was dating “Peggy Sue Gerron” they had just had an argument. Figuring a song named after her would impress her; Allison asked if the title could be changed. Buddy bet that if he could drum the whole song doing “paradiddles” (the fast beat) that he would change the song. Buddy didn’t expect he could, but Allison did, the song and “rock & roll” was changed forever.

In 1959Buddy Holly toured with “Ritchie Valens”, “Dion and the Belmont’s” and “The Big Bopper” as part of the “Winter Dance Party”. The Bus they were traveling on kept breaking down. Buddy charted a four seat plane to take two members of his band, so they could get some rest and a good night sleep. However each of them got separate requests by “Ritchie Valens” and “The Big Bopper” to give up there seat instead. On February 3rd 1959, Everyone on board died, Buddy Holly was only 22 years old at the time.

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