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Monday, August 14, 2006

Je suis un chef de doo de doo

Well it appears that I haven’t written in a while…not much has happened. Yesterday I went to the Multicultural fair at the uni. It was fun. Chris and I filmed random stuff with my camera. I also got a surprise phone call from Amy. I also taught Romey, how to say I am a doodoo head in French, but he didn’t get it…he though I was speaking to him in some Canadian slang.

Chris and I also graduated early. He graduated with a Bachelors of Maternal Care and I graduated with Nimbus 2006 Aviation Studies….ha ha ha, now it was just a mock degree much like funineering….not that’s a degree I want. Ask me later what fungineering is.

Today I showed Chris Royal Canadian Air Farce. It is a sketch comedy show back home. I had to skip over the bits that were “To Canadian” because of the context in which it was made and the audience in which it was made for. There were also a lot of intertextual references made specifically for Canadians. Wow I really am learning something at uni. I didn’t waste my money after all.

And now for something completely different…Verbal Babelfisheria a story of many languages.

Melissa: Hey Carol did you hear about this new disease its called Babelfisheria.
Carol: No you made this up!
Melissa: No its true…apparently it causes people to speak in a foreign language randomly with out warning.
Carol: Vous êtes sourd-muet là n'est pas une telle chose.
Melissa: Carol why are you speaking French?
Carol: Ce qui?
Melissa: Yes you said “you’re dumb there is not such thing.” Then you said “What?”
Carol: Noooo I never said anything in German and you can read it because Germans don’t have a written language.
Melissa: Dije que usted hablaba en fatsobastso no alemán francés
Carol: Che cosa non parlo Russo?
Melissa: Ich sagte, daß Sie im französischen nicht deutschen fatsobastso sprachen
Carol: Eu não ainda undertand você! Fale English..English! Inglês!
Melissa: I said you were speaking in French not German fatsobastso…
Carol: Noooo you were speaking in some foreign language only to prove how smart you were. I said I still don't undertand you! Speak English..English! English! I don’t speak Russian.
Melissa: Hoeveel keer één moet herhalen zelf... stop hebben sprekende Portugees en Duitsers een geschreven taal.
Carol: Was!
Melissa: Was what? All I said was how many times must one repeat themselves….stop speaking Portuguese and Germans do have a written language.
Carol: Je n'ai pas dit étais I dit ce qui ?
Melissa: Now you are speaking in French again!
Carol: I never said was I said what! You are such a fatbrain I’m tired of your know it all antics.
Melissa: Looks like we are suffering from this strange disease.
Carol: Enfer Sanglant !
Melissa: Now now Carol no swearing.
Carol: All I said was “bloody hell!”

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